Faith, Signs, Destiny …

Do you believe in stuff like that?

I often tell myself, that I’m a reasonable person and I know that these stuff is just bullshit. It’s easy with horoscopes, future telling etc. – all fun stuff to joke around when you’re in the mood, but nothing more.

Though sometimes I really catch myself being bothered by some “destiny signs”, of course especially when I’m not very certain about a decision and these “signs” are connected to that decision.

Last example:

although I’ve bought like 20 book lately and I’m set with stuff to read for a while, out of the nowhere I had the urge to borrow this book from a friend, when I saw it on her shelf on a party at new years (a day good for destiny-kind-of-crap). Of course, since she haven’t read this book, I’ve borrowed it her in return in the hope, that she could find something really special for her there.

So on my first rail-ride to Bielefeld this year (where I used to leave before) I open that book and there is a dedication at the fist page, that says: “11.10.2006 Day of the Decision, Bielefeld?”.  Then I started reading the book and pretending that this dedication didn’t meant nothing all, it’s not for me, there is a logical, not at all affecting me explanation of it, some kind of story, but not a story connected to me, not at all.

And still – it drove me crazy the whole weekend, all the time in my heard I heard like a church bells the ringing of the phrase “day of the decision, day of the decision, day of the decision”.  Yesterday I met that friend and asked her about it, the explanation was pretty expectable: she was considering studying in Bielefeld at that time and bought the book at the day she visited Bielefeld and had to make the decision to study  there or not and she choose not to.

Simple, logical, not related to me at all, pretty trivial actually and still it bothers me, “day of the decision” is still ringing in my head and messing with it… Is it time to make the decision, have I already made it, was it the right decision etc.

Do stuff like that ever happen to you, do you get the “destiny” feeling or do you drive straight on the logic line?

P.S. If you like books with history via this really awesome site you can set your books free, so that they’ll go live their own life and start changing someone else’s life !!! I will be glad if you add me as a friend of course 😉


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9 Responses to “Faith, Signs, Destiny …”

  1. godlesspaladin Says:

    That is a cool coincidence. Stuff like that happens to me as well from time to time. I think it happens to everybody, statistically it has to at least once in a while. I once had a dream that someone I didn’t like was coming, I didn’t know who, and the next day in class this kid I didn’t like joined out class. (This was back in elementary school) I thought it was a sign or something, but then I remember how many dreams I have a night, and how many nights I’ve been dreaming and this was the first time something a little bit like my dream came true. How many books have you opened that didn’t have an eerie message in the front? (But you know that :p) Still, cool coincidence. Was the book any good?

  2. teo Says:

    I know that, but as said – sometimes it bothers me although I know it 😉

    The book – it was not really good for me, Sartre is not my kind of author after all. I don’t know why exactly, but his writing style was simply unappealing to me. I guess that he’s a better philosopher…

  3. slideworld Says:

    Същият сблъсък между двете противоположни катего­рии — съдба и свободна воля — е занимавал мислите и на средно­вековния свещенослужител Папа Николай I .
    В разгорещените дискусии за начина, по който човек отразя­ва Светата Троица – Бог-Отец, Син и Светия Дух, – папа Нико­лай I стигнал до заключението, че човешката съдба е предопре­делена по необходимост от Бог-Отец, а възможността човек да бъде свободен произтича от жертвената обич на Сина. Според Николай I човек изпада в грях и заблуда, когато не успее да про­умее как в човешката съдба се преплитат предопределението и свободата, и постига блаженство едва когато открие, че отреде­ното му от Бога предопределение и човешката свобода заедно управляват личната му съдба.
    Това е едно от най точните определения които съм намерил за себе си – ти реши дали е така за теб.
    Не ми се занимава да го превеждам, а смятам ,че няма да предам правилно текста ако ти имаш желание…

    • teo Says:

      Много интересно, благодаря ти 🙂

      Наскоро слушах една реч на Йоахим Гаук, в която той говореше за свободата като поемане на отговорност. Ти избираш – може да се оставиш на “съдбата” и да не поемаш отговорност за действията си, защото някой друг ги е предопределил за теб, може и да се мъчиш да контролираш всичко и да откачаш, когато нещо не зависи всъщност от теб или както Николай I е прозрял – блаженство има само в харномичната комбинация от двете…

  4. bpdisme Says:

    It’s definitely a conundrum, and something to think about. Interesting…

  5. greengeekgirl Says:

    I’m not much on destiny as an outside force.. but I do believe that if you see something that means something to you, that’s not an accident ^_^ Sort of like, a hundred other people may have picked up that book and not taken any notice, but that you did take notice, means something to you. In that way, perhaps it is pointing to your destiny; maybe it’s helping you tell yourself something that you may not have been able to hear before 🙂

  6. Bain Says:

    There is destiny, of course… For those worthy of it.

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