It’s new, it’s exiting – it’s a habit!!!

So my dears, it’s decided: I want to from a habit!

I still like my life without habits, but I want to know what having a habit feels like, although if I form a real habit I shouldn’t feel anything about it. Some researcher-dudes say it takes about 28 up to 66 days to form a habit and that sounds reasonable and doable (does that word really exist? Leo suggested it and Ii think it sounds really funny, but I’ve never heard anyone saying it…).

Since I’m moving in march, I was thinking stuff like “o yeah, when I move out I’ll finally start jogging again, I’ll be living next to the park and it’ll be warmer etc.” and at some point I’ve thought “wait a minute you stupid FMTWG, why are you putting this stuff off, you have a whole month till then, you can form a new good habit and move out with it already”. Not only do I have a whole month, I also have exactly 28 days of February that I can use for forming a habit and in the time till the 01.02.2011 I can let you choose my first habit ❗

The exiting part for me is that

1. It’s new for me (at least according to my own perception of my habit-history)

2. I’m exited to see if and how exactly this “habit” will be formed in this 28 day, I’ll keep you updated of course.

So please, tell me:

*of course it’s my decision etc., but I just wanted to still ask you

*I don’t drink coffee, but since I’m always so tired and sleepy lately, I want to see what it’ll be like to be “on caffeine” for a month…


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13 Responses to “It’s new, it’s exiting – it’s a habit!!!”

  1. bpdisme Says:

    *hugs* Best of luck! My advice is to start small (i.e., putting cream on your hands before going out). That way, you won’t overwhelm yourself. Keep us posted!

    • teo Says:

      I will 🙂

      I’m also tending to start with the cream, it seems to be the simpliest thing and so maybe it has the greatest chance of becoming a habit. It would be really good for my hands too 😉

      Hope you’re well 🙂

  2. greengeekgirl Says:

    Good luck! I have the most difficult time making habits stick.

  3. Bain Says:

    Anyone who says he lives without having habits, is a fool. Either he lives with them and just doesn’t notice them, or he just really refuses to have them which makes him even bigger fool.

    Coala, are you a hundred percent certain you have no habits? REALLY sure? Don’t you wash your teeth every day? Don’t you go the same way to school or university? Don’t you use the same position while having sex, because you like it?

    Didn’t you develop a habit to chat with a certain someone every day during the summer time, as well?

    You are the first type of fool. You have plenty of habits, you just don’t realise them. Which, honestly, is better than the alternative.

  4. teo Says:

    Of course that I’m not 100% sure, because if I really do have some habits, it’s very possible for me not to see them. And of course that there is a bit of foolishness in both cases you describe.

    Still I’ll suggest that I’m the second and bigger type of fool, e.g. I’ll have to answer all of these (“Don’t you wash your teeth every day? Don’t you go the same way to school or university? Don’t you use the same position while having sex, because you like it?”) questions with “No”…

    If I do something, because I LIKE IT, then it’s no habits in my opinion. A habit should be an almost automatic behavior – you do it simply because you’ve done it so many times in the same way that you don’t think about it. If I eat chocolate every day because I want to, because I come home and think “wow, now I really, really want to have some chocolate”, it’s no habit – it’s just something I do, because I want to. For me it would be a habit if I come home and take that chocolate bar simply out of habit, without thinking if I actually want to eat some.

    “Didn’t you develop a habit to chat with a certain someone every day during the summer time, as well?” – that’s no habit, s.a. E.g. from time to time I just wasn’t feeling like chatting with him and I was avoiding him intentionally – I don’t think that avoiding your habit is a habitual behavior…

  5. Bain Says:

    I didn’t see any avoiding. Also,you plan to get a habit, because you LIKE to have a habit, which in your opinion checks it out.

    And start washing your teeth, dammit. You should really show more appreciation to your teeth.

    • teo Says:

      “you plan to get a habit, because you LIKE to have a habit” – if I don’t recall having had a habit, how can I like it? I want to make a habit, so that I can finally see If I like it or not – not at the half time of the habit-making-time I would rather say that I don’t like it…
      I do wash them, but not at the same time everyday – the lack of habits leads to lack of other habits … 🙂

  6. The Lazy Photographer Says:

    Here’s a question to consider: which is harder, creating new habits involving things you’d rather not do, like exercising, or breaking bad habits, like eating potato chips and such? I purposely left off smoking drinking and drugs use since those are more than simple habits. Me I don’t smoke or use drugs and I have only the occasional drink.

    I wish I could fit exercise into my life again. I hate it but it does help me with my anxiety. I’m also about 10 lbs overweight at the moment and exercise would really fix that lickety split. Right now the only exercise I get is on the weekends when I walk around downtown to take photos.

    • teo Says:

      It’s simple – you should make way more photos 😛

      Yep, that’s a question. I can imagine that breaking bad habits is harder – but I don’t really now, because I’ve never really had to fight bad habits, since I live with the believe, that I don’t have such at all 🙂

  7. So what about the habit? « little coping koala Says:

    […] dears, it’s been almost a month and a half since I’ve started building up a new habit. So what […]

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