Who will look into your eyes when you’re dead?*

Do you have an organ donor card?

I do. I’ve done it more or less spontaneously, like almost everything I do. I’ve always considered organ donation as the only option for me, still I have a card only since 6 months or so, because it’s kind of weird and unpleasant to think about “when I’m dead”. A lot of people I know are also willing to donate their organs, but don’t have a card, simply because they “don’t want to think about it”. I have that card because I don’t want someone else to have to make this decision for me. Donating your organs is one thing, having to decide if you’re willing to give the organs of someone you love to someone you don’t know while not knowing the wish of the one you love is a completely other thing and I don’t want someone I love to be put in this really unpleasant situation.

In Germany it’s still up to you if you want to have one or not, now there is a discussion of making it obligatory, integrated in you ID. I think that this would be great, because so everyone would have to think about it at some point in live and it wouldn’t be that big of deal. Because of this discussion and the popularity of the topic lately I’ve stumbled upon a lot of people that either don’t want to donate their organs or simply don’t want to think about it and are against integrating this decision in the ID-card, so that they wouldn’t be pressured to think about it. I can understand that it’s a personal decision and some don’t want to donate. What I can’t understand is what’s so wrong about having to think about it at one point in your life, when you’re on your way to become an adult – you’ll be making your ID. Especially considering that not stating your decision officially could mean that someone of your family will be pressured to make this decision for you.

Thinking about death, especially your own death is not pleasant for most people. But isn’t it a part of growing up? OK, I’m not the biggest fan of growing up as you know, but accepting death as part of life and dealing with it is necessary for completing your personality in my opinion – if you refuse to deal with death and accept your own caducity, can you be complete? If something doesn’t end, can it be complete?

In this new ID there would be also an option “I haven’t decided yet” and you would be able to change it at any time… Would you be OK with this new IDs, have you already made your mind about donation, is this something you rather don’t want to think about?

*a lot of people say “I’ll donate everything except for my eyes” – therefore the title. I was just wondering why are the eyes so special to us. Yes, they are the mirror to our soul – but is our soul still there, when we are dead, or in our heart, or in our brain, or in our body as a whole? One friend has asked me “But imagine your mother running into someone, who has your eyes or something?” – would that be so bad? I don’t think so. What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Who will look into your eyes when you’re dead?*”

  1. helen Says:

    1) Honestly I don’t care. Let them do whatever they think is right.
    2) Why “but the eyes”? If you gonna donate, donate everything. Your Mom would not recognize your eyes because it won’t be you. Yes the soul speaks through the eyes but in a different body it would be a different soul so the eyes won’t seem familiar.
    3) I don’t want to be forced to make that kind of decision. Honestly I reject being forced to do many things that are expected. e.g. I never had a G.P. in my life
    4) If you gonna have an option: “I haven’t decided yet” it’s practically the same as is the situation right now. Why is this further interference in people’s lives needed then?

    • teo Says:

      1. Let who do whatever they think is right? the doctors, the family, someone else that’s not related – in a donor card you can simply check the “I want Mr/Ms … to make the decision”, so that at least you would know who will make the decision and that there’ll be no problems like doctors vs. family etc.

      2. Exactly my point too 🙂 But as said – a lot of people have something against donating their eyes and I wondering what…

      3 & 4. But if there is a box “I haven’t decided yet”, are you still forced to make a decision? The difference between the situation now would be, that the people who have make a decision or are willing to, if they’re asked, but just never got to make this card on their own, because no one deals with it with pleasure, will be captured.

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