Learn to control your dreams and…

… you’ll be one step closer to becoming the perfect slave of the modern time ???

Today while wondering how to postpone learning and having to pack my things up I’ve been watching this TV-show. One of the topic was lucid dreaming and how you can learn to do it, so that you would be more highly productive and capable of learning stuff more quickly. So what, you may ask. It would be nothing, if I haven’t have a short conversation about lucid dreaming with a friend lately, where after I’ve said, that I have lucid dreams sometimes, she said something like “nice, but not everybody can do it, but I’ve heard that you can train it and learn it, wouldn’t that be great – being able to learn stuff while you’re dreaming?”.

This short conversation and the TV-show gave me the feeling of this topic being kind of popular lately, it may also be related to this movie, but I think it is more related to the enormous pressure of having to be highly productive nowadays. This pressure is so strong, that people are constantly searching for new ways to increase their efficacy and apparently a lot of them are willing to change their dreams in order to be more efficient. I don’t know about you, but this makes me a little bit angry. This isn’t right, lucid dreaming is a good thing for fighting nightmares and stuff, but not for training yourself in something. If we give up our dreams, in my opinion one of the last mysteries of the mind, where whatever dreams are made of – it is free at night, what do we have left of our freedom of mind, where can we let ourselves just be what we are, without thinking about how efficient it is or what can we achieve during this time?

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