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Episodes on the Bus II

March 28, 2011

Last week I was talking to a friend about what kind of things happen all the time on the subway/bus/train/ferry and she was like “what subway do you take, to me nothing ever happens there”. So in the category “episodes on the bus” you’ll find all kind of stuff that happen on the subway all the time (at least on the one that I take), I’ll try to update it simply as there is something to update about. Here’s today’s summary:


Identity crisis?

March 27, 2011

or more like existential crisis, doesn’t matter – I’m somewhere there. Can you blame me? All the sudden a strawberry is no berry, but fruit/seed, a peanut is no nut, but a legume, while a banana is a berry ?!?

At least I’m not alone:


Let’s play a (blogging) game: I’ve never…

March 25, 2011

You know how it goes, so let’s a play a bit:


Do You Know Me?

March 17, 2011

Take this short test and you’ll know it 😉 :


the biggest, the greatest – The Best!

March 13, 2011

4,5 years ago I’ve come to Germany and my first impression was “So what, it looks like every other place, I don’t really see a difference from Bulgaria…”. Soon after that I’ve noticed one big difference in my opinion – even though I was living in the nonexistent City of Bielefeld I was always hearing stuff like “here’s the biggest / the first / the greatest / the best / the oldest / the most beautiful etc …” I’ve never really heard stuff like that in Bulgaria – people being proud of whatever their city / country has to offer. Now that I’ve moved to Hamburg I hear stuff like “the biggest / greatest / best” all the time, people are soooo proud of … I don’t really get of what. Hamburg even advertise itself as the most beautiful city in the world!!! That’s really kind of crazy I think, there is some ground for it in a couple of surveys in Germany, but every normal human being wouldn’t take that too seriously. Still – it feels kind of nice to be walking around a place, that the people who live in just love and are proud of . It’s a crazy obviously fake self-esteem-boaster, that  as crazy as it is just works.

So the point of that no-point-post, that you’ve missed so much lately 😉 ,  is that the good feeling of living anywhere doesn’t really come from what the place is really like, but from how the people who live there are feeling about the place. That”s why although Bulgaria has great history, amazing nature and culture most people are weirdly unhappy with living there the atmosphere of dissatisfaction creates dissatisfaction, just like an atmosphere of proud satisfaction creates proud satisfaction.

Wanna see some beautiful stones?

March 12, 2011


What’s wrong with the world summarized in a card game

March 12, 2011

Yesterday I’ve played a card game, which got me really angry: Thirty-One. Hear me out here, I’m not that crazy or drunk (or am I? 🙂 ):

I’ll not explain you the rules, but just that part that got me angry. The highest score you can get is 31, but your goal shouldn’t be to get 31 -> to win the round, but not to lose and a lot more to make others lose before yourself. At the start everybody has 3 lives and at the end the winner is the only survivor, you can’t win any point or lives – you can only lose. So basically it’s like  “don’t try to grow, but cut off the heads of everybody that’s taller than you and you’ll look taller yourself”.

This destructive way of thinking makes me angry – that’s how dictators stay in power, how people are kept small and sheep-like, how we’ve got where we are now… Promoting this way of thinking through card and other games is just wrong.

So why did I played it? Of course that I’ve tried to “break the system” and of course – I’ve lost 🙂

PS. that’s again one of those no-point-posts, missed them, ha? 😉

So what about the habit?

March 12, 2011

My dears, it’s been almost a month and a half since I’ve started building up a new habit. So what happened?

In the 28 days of February I’ve been creaming my hands in the bus every morning on my way to work. Because I’m weirdly conscientious – every morning I was thinking “O wait, you HAVE TO cream you hands, because you’ve decided to try this habit thing – remember?”.