the biggest, the greatest – The Best!

4,5 years ago I’ve come to Germany and my first impression was “So what, it looks like every other place, I don’t really see a difference from Bulgaria…”. Soon after that I’ve noticed one big difference in my opinion – even though I was living in the nonexistent City of Bielefeld I was always hearing stuff like “here’s the biggest / the first / the greatest / the best / the oldest / the most beautiful etc …” I’ve never really heard stuff like that in Bulgaria – people being proud of whatever their city / country has to offer. Now that I’ve moved to Hamburg I hear stuff like “the biggest / greatest / best” all the time, people are soooo proud of … I don’t really get of what. Hamburg even advertise itself as the most beautiful city in the world!!! That’s really kind of crazy I think, there is some ground for it in a couple of surveys in Germany, but every normal human being wouldn’t take that too seriously. Still – it feels kind of nice to be walking around a place, that the people who live in just love and are proud of . It’s a crazy obviously fake self-esteem-boaster, that  as crazy as it is just works.

So the point of that no-point-post, that you’ve missed so much lately 😉 ,  is that the good feeling of living anywhere doesn’t really come from what the place is really like, but from how the people who live there are feeling about the place. That”s why although Bulgaria has great history, amazing nature and culture most people are weirdly unhappy with living there the atmosphere of dissatisfaction creates dissatisfaction, just like an atmosphere of proud satisfaction creates proud satisfaction.

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5 Responses to “the biggest, the greatest – The Best!”

  1. helen Says:

    I have to disagree. We hear the same things all the time in Bulgaria – egoboasters based on culture / history / architecture.
    But I have to confess something – during my unorthodox holidays in the city in March I had to run some errands and I’ve noticed something – the ugliness and vulgarity of Sofia. I felt as I’ve been living in some kind of my own world – working in a nice place with nice surroundings, frequently using taxis and the metro and trying to avoid the rush hours and somehow when facing again “reality” it proved harsher than I’d remembered it.

    • teo Says:

      “we hear the same things all the time in Bulgaria” – ops, this could be true, I’ll try to listen more carefully… For the ground of the post – I’m really sure I didn’t hear stuff like that in school or something.

      “unorthodox holidays” 😀

      “when facing again “reality” – I must say too, that I didn’t noticed until I’ve moved to Germany, that I was actually living in pretty closed circles in Bulgaria, that don’t by far represent “the situation in Bulgaria” as a whole…

  2. bpdisme Says:

    Interesting post. Just wanted to say hi. I’ve just returned to the blogosphere! Feel free to say hello! 🙂

    • teo Says:

      Hey 🙂 10x

      where have you been??? I’ve tried to send you a mail, but your blog-e-mail account was gone too 😦 I’ll try again now 🙂

      so glad to see you here again 🙂

  3. Fake really is the new real! | little coping koala Says:

    […] it hasn’t really worked for me with a fake smile, it surely works on a cognitive basis, like when you live in a city everyone says it’s the best – yeah, that starts to feel good in a while I imagine that this is the only reasonable […]

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