Do You Know Me?

Take this short test and you’ll know it 😉 :

Did you really thought there’ll be a test? you’re so cute 😀


Of course you don’t. And still you probably know me better than anybody else… Here’s why:

I’m a great listener. Just the best. I’m interested, emphatic, sometimes I give good advices, sometimes I ask the right questions – I always get you to talking, talking about what, don’t want, but need to talk, it’s never too much or too hard for me to take, emphatic & steady as a rock… I see my self so, people who have some experience in conversations with me are welcome to correct me. I can come up with thousand reasons why I want to be a psychologist, but this is the main one. I love being a great listener and not talking about myself.

Not needing anything, not having wishes, not having problems, everything being just fine, holding through anything, coping with anything – yep, that’s my thing.

I still share. Sometimes. At very special occasions or moments. And every time I do it feels wrong and weird. It’s always too much, too inappropriate or simply – not appreciated as the special thing it is to me.

The only person who knows me, the real me, the 2 or 3 secret mes, the uncountable mes for uncountable people or occasions… is of course me.

Well, one part of this me is here. Simply because regardless of what this blog could be, now it’s only one thing – a place when I’m talking to myself, while everyone could listen.

The really, really sad thing is, that even here I can’t talk about everything. Not because somebody could read it. Just because I can’t talk to myself about everything, because they are things I’m trying to hide from myself, although I know than I can’t.

I know how to talk with people, when they have issues like this. I also know, that it takes only one thing to open up – acceptance. Acceptance is growing up for me. I’m simply not there yet.

Do you know me better now?

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2 Responses to “Do You Know Me?”

  1. Nezzo Says:

    Май въпроса трябва да е дали самата ти се познаваш по-добре сега 🙂

    The question should be “Do you know yourself better know?” 🙂

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