Episodes on the Bus II

Last week I was talking to a friend about what kind of things happen all the time on the subway/bus/train/ferry and she was like “what subway do you take, to me nothing ever happens there”. So in the category “episodes on the bus” you’ll find all kind of stuff that happen on the subway all the time (at least on the one that I take), I’ll try to update it simply as there is something to update about. Here’s today’s summary:

first a guy took out a Vaseline can and put some of it on his lips with his finger… Not that I’m against man taking care of himself or metro sexuality, but that just looked really creepy (probably because of the finger)…

Some girls were sitting next to me and talking about water. More precisely how the doctor of one of them told her, that she shouldn’t drink coke or carbonated water, because it’s bad for her stomach when it’s so empty (because she doesn’t have any breakfast, but only a glass of coke). Her big problem was, that this was just impossible for her to do, because normal water (or flat water) tasted soooo bad to her. So I couldn’t help wondering, how twisted our world is, when there are people to whom water tastes bad…

On the next subway I saw a funny piece of news on the TV in the subway, I chuckled and the women sitting next to me chuckled too – I find it kind of nice 🙂

As I got out of the bus I was walking to work and a girl, who was on the bus with me, started running for no obvious reason (there were no other possible buses to catch or other person in front of her) and then stopped and kept walking… A while afterwards I saw a man getting out of an other bus and he started running too (again no other buses to catch or people anywhere near) and then stopped because his phone was ringing. This was kind of weird…

Then it became even weirder, because a guy with a couple of guns walked out of one of the buildings and got into a car. I work at the University of the Federal Armed Forces, so it’s not so weird that there are guns somewhere I guess. But I’ve never seen someone “transporting” such, and without a uniform… This was kind of weird too.

On my way back there was a fight on the central station. And a lot of pigeons in the subway station of course 🙂

So see you soon 🙂

PS. One just has to love the Subway Douchery, don’t one?


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