Dear Facebook-Friend,

I don’t get you most of the time. Sometimes you really scare me. Too often you make me really sad. Bellow you can read why etc.

This is my second Facebook-Account. About 3 years ago a dear friend of mine was studying abroad and it was really hard to keep up, because I was and sill am using mostly Skype for “socializing” and she was more on Facebook, because that way she could keep up with most of the people in the country she was studying at the moment and the people in Bulgaria too. To my surprise I had to learn that Skype is not that popular in Germany or other countries too, as it is or was in Bulgaria. (if you want to socialite with me, feel free to contact me and ask for my Skype;) ) After several requests from her, I’ve joined Facebook, so that I could chat more often with her and see some photos.

Or so I’ve thought. It turned out that what’s happening on Facebook is mostly game-playing, quiz-taking and photo-liking. But well – I was there and I’ve tried these stuff.  I didn’t get to gaming – after some quiz-taking and old-friends-finding I just had to get out of Facebook. I was so pissed off – the senselessness of the activities there, the unwillingness of the old-friends to communicate, over-compensated by their willingness to play games, take quizzes, send me ships, gifts, kisses, bears etc. At first I’ve thought that I should respond to everything, because otherwise the person could get insulted, I was writing reasons for not joining a group or a cause, why I don’t want to become a fan of someone etc. After a while I’ve noticed that no one cares. After a while I’ve began thinking, that everything people care are their pictures, because only on comments or likes on pictures (and statuses) I was getting a respond more or less immediately. Freaking immediately.

So I’ve deleted my account. Which wasn’t as easy as I wanted, I was getting E-Mails that someone misses me all the time etc. After a while it was finally over. I was out of the system and I was really relieved.

I was even more relieved, when while talking to my friends I’ve found out that most of them didn’t even noticed that I’m not there, so my assumption that being there was really pointless was affirmed.

Then in a moment of loneliness, about a year ago, after having a blog for a while and having read some posts about privacy on Facebook etc., I’ve joined it again. And this time it’s pretty OK. I use it to inform people, who are there a lot, about stuff I want to inform them and to have the contacts of old classmates etc. I don’t get notifications about games and quizzes someone takes, I ignore all pointless invitations etc.

Still sometimes it freaks me out. E. g. when someone writes me a message, about how awesome my blog is (although he/she had never commented or something on any post), but then doesn’t reply to my answer, asking how he/she is doing etc. When there are articles about how you should behave on Facebook, so that you’re attractive to others and can successfully keep your relationship (which of course has started on Facebook). When thousands of people mock a 22-year old girl around her birthday, simply because she forgot to make her birthday-party-event private and her looks fits in some clichés. I’m so glad that none of my friends invited me to one of the groups mocking that girl – good for you, dear Facebook friend.

Still I’ll find it a lot better if you would behave like a real person and not like a cheep tabloid…


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7 Responses to “Dear Facebook-Friend,”

  1. helen Says:

    veeery nice 🙂 и аз ще го туитна 🙂

    • teo Says:

      thanks for the tweet 🙂 But stop tweeting and go comment on the post before that, so that I can give away some sutff 😉

  2. Nadinka Says:

    I would like to have a Like button here 😀

    • teo Says:

      You actually have one – but I believe you have to be signed in to WordPress in order to use it, if you think about it, it’s just like in Facebook 😉

      Don’t you want a gift? I envy my readers, they all have so much already, that no one wants or needs something new…

  3. Nadinka Says:

    Well, well, well…should I prepare my wish list? 😀

  4. Baby Says:

    Same old, same old, been there, done that… ssdd… You KNOWWW! 😀 FB’s just not that irreplaceable, and you could definately live without it. I’ve got lots of friends who don’t have a profile there… and love them for that. 😛 😀 And I still keep mine only for the ones I care for abroad and for my lovely friends, we, who have that group about photography only for ourselves. I created it and I’m pretty pleased with our enthusiasm and organisation, really helps us! 😉 ^^ We’re one little sweet community there – just 22 people! Two little reasons for me to still have my FB account, but worth the whole other sh*tty stuff out there! 😀

    • teo Says:

      With the new settings I really don’t get any real sh**tty stuff from FB. For the sh**tty stuff above FB has no fault, but only some people. And I was just so frustrated when I’ve read about that Dobi-gril – still I’ve read it only in blogs, I didn’t see anything on FB.

      I learn to appreciate FB for organisation too, a lot of events and student groups are really easier to manage via FB, although I’m still a Doodle fan 🙂

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