Especially for You!

The lovely Nezzo has started a new round of a great blogging game and I’m there of course. It’s not going to be with only handmade stuff like last time, but that’s better – not everybody can cherish the flawfulness (it’s a shame that’s actually not a real word) of my handmade stuff.

So my dears, here’s the deal:

The first 5 people who leave a comment bellow will get something from me, that will somehow be especially for them. If you have a blog, it would be nice if you get into the game 🙂 *

So see you in the comments 😛

*with this I mean make a post like this yourself and make gifts for the first 5 people to comment


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10 Responses to “Especially for You!”

  1. Nezzo Says:

    I’m not signing, but wish you success with the game, because really few people has the courage to join… But I don’t know if on purpose or not you are forgotten about the bringing back rule, witch can make the thinks better.. or not… 😀
    Really strong thoughts that early in the morning…

    • teo Says:

      The bringing back rule?

      I believe you misunderstood something – of course you’re in, you’ve left a comment, so I’ll be waiting for your address on my mail soon 😉

  2. Nezzo Says:

    Hah, it’s not like I don’t want, but it’s not gonna be fair for the others. I mean I send to you.. you to me… doesn’t sound right.
    But anyways you gonna get my address when your present come, so… I don’t really have a chance 😀

  3. Baby Says:

    ^^ :-Pp Count me in!
    I’ll join the game to “create stuff for comments” later on… 😉

    • teo Says:

      OMG, the first real participant!!!

      That’s really unbelievable, someone wants to get some stuff from me, I’ve never thought that this could be so hard… Thank you for putting me out of my misery !!! 🙂

      • Baby Says:

        No need to thank… I’m egoistic and just love presents, that’s all! 😀 But my egoism is really not that kind that most people tend to have, don’t worry! 😉

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