Episodes … in the library?

Today I had a long pause between my classes and I wanted to search up a couple of articles in the library. On the computer right next to me there was some other girl and after I’ve logged in, she said to me with a dramatic voice:

“I know that you have a gun in your bag, I can see it from here. But don’t fool yourself – I’ll survive it!”

I was like: “Are you talking to me? What?”

But then she turned away and was typing something looking normal. I assumed that maybe she’s practising for some play or talking to her friend on her hands free etc. So just ignore it.

After a while she turned to me again and said:

“You be nice to me, I see, that you aren’t nice, you’re dangerous and you want to do harm to me, but you better be nice to me, I can make you suffer otherwise, I’m stronger than you”

Me to me: Ahm…. OK, that’s starting to get creepy. You don’t really feel comfortable with ignoring her anymore, but you don’t feel comfortable with saying anything either, so watch her hands, keep distance and be careful.

After a while she said:

“I can see what you’re thinking, I can smell your dark side.” and she took a paper knife out of her bag, pulled it out and placed it right next to her mouse, pointing to me.

Me to me: “O well, yep, that’s really creepy and it looks like she’s really talking to you. It’s only a paper knife. Maybe she’ll start to cut herself with it, she can’t really hurt you. But you better get away from that computer really fast.

So I got out of there really fast and I’ve told the librarian, that there’s something wrong with the girl over there and she should look after her, but I didn’t wait for an answer, I just walked out.

After a while I saw her sitting downstairs in the cafeteria.

So libraries can be weird too, let’s see what the train has got for me today…


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9 Responses to “Episodes … in the library?”

  1. helen Says:

    OMG, that’s more than weird…

  2. Nezzo Says:

    I just died laughing! Don’t you know that the craziest people are in the libraries! Just like me 😀

    • teo Says:

      Not really, because I’ve never spend more than half hour in a library… A lot of my colleagues go to learn there – I don’t get that. Anyway, now I’m even more convinced, that libraries are not a good place to learn or do anything besides get in, get your books, get out!

      • Nezzo Says:

        Only because you make it so harsh, like a rule. But it’s not! The libraries are amazing place not only for study and burying yourself in the old good smelling books, they’re also for that kinda of accidents. What we was gonna do without them? That way I’m founding a lot of rally interesting books. So don’t pay to much attention to the people in the libraries, they’re just the propriet place for the sick minds. Again, like me.

  3. Baby Says:

    The subway?!?! Where do you live, girl? 😀 😕

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