How do you know you’re not in the Matrix?

I ask myself that every time I see a house like that:

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10 Responses to “How do you know you’re not in the Matrix?”

  1. Baby Says:

    Професионално изкривена съм и не знам за каква я намираш, че такива дълбоко философски въпроси повдига в теб! 😀
    I’m professionally twisted (help me if you know the right expression for that) and I don’t know what you find in that photo, so that it raises such philosophical questions in you! 😀

    • teo Says:

      It’s just too “lets take the nature and make it a slave to our understanding of beauty and aesthetics, because we are so great and everything on that planet is here to serve us”, “you want a garden? OK, I suggest we put a little bush here, and here and here, because we are the masters of the universe and bushes grow where and how we say and want”.

      Sometimes I find it comforting, that some kind of evil machines would have thoughts like that and not people…

      And of course that’s only my interpretation of a view like that at some moment, it could mean a thousand other things or also nothing at all.

  2. helen Says:

    Actually, since we know that it is artificial anyway and serves mainly decoration why not twist it? It’s like hair dyeing – if you’re gonna change the natural colour of your hair anyway – why not twist it a little bit 🙂

    • teo Says:

      What do you mean with “it’s artificial”?

      In the garden on my grandmother there were bushes from that kind, not looking that way, but you now – the same leaves etc. I doubt that my grandmother had some artificial bushes, that would grow and grow and show up at new places in the garden…

  3. Baby Says:

    I wasn’t sure if I should speak only in English… Now I am. 😉
    O.K., so, yeah, I could see your point and you’ve got your reasons… you’re right… But I can’t agree with you completely. Not that I will lean over backwards, no. I’m just not that extreme in my opinion. I tend to be equble. I’m more of a “finding the golden mean of things” person. ;-]

    /And I think you could translate that phrase like that, sounds good to me./

    • teo Says:

      You are free to speak whatever you want – Google translates almost everything and for what it doesn’t – I’ll simply not be able to understand you, but you’ll still be free to speak it 😉 I just have my reasons 😉 to try keeping everything on that blog in English and I don’t want to cause you any discomfort.

      “finding the golden mean of things” person” – o yeah, good for you 🙂

      Would you show it to me someday? I know a lot of people, who are the “searching the golden mean of things persons”, but I still have never seen that golden mean and since I don’t believe in it at the first place, I consider people like you true adventurers 🙂 Our modern Don Quijotes 🙂

      I believe that this “golden mean” is like the statistical mean we hear about all the time – that a bunch of people with low income and a few with super high income and you’ll have a very nice “mean income”…

  4. Bain Says:

    How do I know if I am not in the matrix? I just know. But if you yourself are not sure, I may offer a tarot spread which is made to find out if your life is a dream.

    • teo Says:

      I’m glad for you and 10x for the offer. But you know, that it would be pointless – if I were in the matrix you and your tarot spread would be a part of the plot too 😉

  5. bpdisme Says:

    *pinches self and checks pulse*

    • teo Says:

      I wonder why I get the “mailer damon” when I try to email you – you have a new blog! I should catch up! 🙂

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