It’s still spring time! :)

I love this time of the year!

So let’s discuss the picture below if you want. This little fellow was so bright , despite being so tiny, that he immediately caught my attention (I don’t know why, I’ve just decided that this flower is a he, you’re free to have other opinion). Afterward I’ve notices that there’s a plastic bag next to him, that he was growing out of the leaves from the last fall and that new leaves from the fresh blossoms of the tree were already fallen down too…

It’s always sad to see plastic bag somewhere in the green areas. Once I was jogging on Monday morning in the park and I was shocked by the amount of waste left by the crowds of people grilling and chilling in the park on weekends. If I get myself together and go jogging again anytime soon I’ll try to get a shot of it.

Anyway. Besides the plastic bag, in the picture I see the typical problem with spring – it’s so beautiful, but so short. Everything blooms, grows, wakes up etc. and in two weeks the blossoms are lying on the earth, creating a warm ground for something else to grow there next year.

I don’t know, this spring is making me more bipolar then ever, don’t mind the senseless rambling…

Enjoy the Spring!!!


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2 Responses to “It’s still spring time! :)”

  1. helen Says:

    The little fellow is OK but I like more the others. I love spring very much – it’s like a promise for something great to come. I like mornings too 🙂
    My favourite season is the hot summer – I could live like this all year long. Never get enough 🙂

    • teo Says:

      Eh… hot summer. I like that the most too, I’ll definitely try to live in a place with all-year-summer for a while in the future (sun)

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