Who’s that girl?

Lately I look at myself and I often have to ask “Who’s that girl?”. I don’t look like me, I don’t act like me, I don’t sound like me etc. I simply do all kinds of non typical stuff lately, e.g.:

Since New Year’s I hardly ever lie and if I do, it feels wrong.

I’m talking way to much to unfamiliar people.

I care way to little (even less than before) about the correctness of my spoken or written language.

I care way to little, as much as not at all, about everything else, like money, study etc.

I have plants and I care about them.

I’m complaining from time to time.

I have a really hard time to smile when I’m not feeling like it.

I also have a hard time to hide any emotions.

But actually I’m more friendly than ever and I enjoy people’s company more than ever.

I even share stuff like insecurities, fears and emotional states with others.

I’m emotionally unstable.

I’m really loving Hamburg, but I’m also constantly looking up the possibilities for moving elsewhere.

My hair looks really weird in Berlin:

This picture makes me wanna cut and dye my hair, I’ve always considered dying my hair unappealing.

I’m writing posts like this almost all the time?!?

Something is definitely under construction round here and I’m really exited about how will I turn out 🙂

If I don’t write till Sunday – Happy Easter!!!

And enjoy the spring!


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3 Responses to “Who’s that girl?”

  1. Nezzo Says:

    OMG you look so awesome with light hair!!! Love that look! I don’t know but reminds me of Jolie when she was blond.

    • teo Says:

      So it’s not just me… I’m acting so unlike me lately, that I may really dye that old hair, we’ll see 🙂

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