My New Thing for Today :)

And today I even have two:

1. Start a “new thing for today”-series on this blog 🙂

2. Leave a “LOL” comment on this post

You know me for a while now, so you shouldn’t expect some kind of real consistency from this or any other series on this blog. I was just reading that hilarious post and I saw that there were a lot of “lol”-comments and I’ve asked myself – why do people do stuff like leaving “lol”-comments? You should try that sometime. O yeah, try it now. And call it a new thing for today. And next time you see something you’ve never done – do it if you want to. And if you need some kind of reason to do it – just call it your new thing for the day.You should take a look at your “I’ve never”-List sometime soon…

This blog started just as spontaneous as that and now it’s been here for more then a year. So who knows…

PS. I still don’t really get the fun of leaving a “lol”-comment somewhere…


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