Episodes on the bus :)

Yesterday I was running late, so when I got out of the train with a pizza peace in my hand and I saw the bus I needed blinking away from his spot, I ran really fast and got in there. The driver was making a gesture like “get out” or something, I was still holding the pizza and I’ve thought that he was trying to say that I can’t eat in there, so I put it in the paper bag and went in. Then he explained to me, that this spot was only for deboarding and I shouldn’t be getting in the bus here, but on the other side on the station, where the boarding spot is. There is a sign that points that out.

Me: “Ops, well that’s what happens when you’re in a hurry and can’t read the signs :)”

Out of this he heard, that I can’t read. So he went on and on about how could a person get through life without knowing how to read, and how could this be possible, I look so smart, I have glasses, it’s a shame that I can’t read, how many advantages I would have if I could read etc. I’ve tried to explain it to him, but he just wouldn’t shut up, not even to take a breath or so. So for 20 Min. I’ve listened about the advantages of being capable to read and how all these foreign persons really need to learn to read etc.

So kinds – learn how to read, it’s really important 😉 !


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3 Responses to “Episodes on the bus :)”

  1. Nadinka Says:

    wow, you can’t read, but you write! that’s a miracle! 😀

  2. Nezzo Says:

    What do you know.. she is way ahead in the technologies and have one of those computers that write when you talk to them 😀

  3. teo Says:

    O boy, now you know my secret…

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