New things for rainy days :)

Something is really going on with me, here we are with three relatively regularly updated series on this blog (need a reminder? image of the mood, episodes on the bus and the new one – new thing for today), o yeah 🙂 So, my new thing for the last two days:

On Wednesday for the first time in my life I was behind a bar, taking money for giving out drinks. It’s kind of not that spectacular, but who said it should be? Still for me it was really interesting and special, because I could never get a waitress-job (and I really tried a lot, because how dare I not can something?). Although this wasn’t a job, I still got to see how it is like behind the bar and it was really nice, I’ll be doing that more maybe…

On Thursday I’ve cried on the bus. If someone else on that bus also had a episodes on the bus series, he’ll have something to write about 🙂 I didn’t liked that new experience though, I couldn’t really not care about what people think and I was really mad at my self for letting that happen.

Again on Thursday and now on Friday I’ve tried myself at Java & Javascript, o yeah, it reminded me why I didn’t stayed in informatics after all….


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6 Responses to “New things for rainy days :)”

  1. Baby Says:

    Sad to hear you cried. :-/

    • teo Says:

      don’t be, it was my new thing that day 😉 And it’s not like I’ve never cried before, just not on the bust and not in front of strangers…

  2. astilar Says:

    Обичам те, Тео! 🙂

  3. helen Says:

    why did you cry? not because of the silly driver you mentioned in the previous post, right? 🙂
    it has happened to me a couple of times. not “cry” cry but my eyes watered and definitely there were tears. one should be very careful about what she is thinking when riding on the bus. it;s better to think about something nice that makes you smile and then again people are staring at you 🙂

    • teo Says:

      No, the driver was really sweet and funny 🙂
      I can only say – well, that’s what happens when you forget to take a book on the bus, you get too much time to think and sadly, there are too many things in this world, that could make you cry…

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