I ♥ Hamburg!

Or to say it in Gabriel Garcia Marquez Style: “It had taken me seven months – seven months of my life, minute by minute – to reach this moment and say “I love Hamburg!”.

“Why?” you may ask 🙂 For many bla-bla-reasons: it’s a lovely city, it’s big, there are a lot of things going on, but also it’s like really peaceful and quite. It’s beautiful. It’s also kind of cold-blooded, practical and insanely profit-orientated. There’s nothing sacred here. It was built on a forged letter. It’s a trader’s city.It’s the green capital of Europe for 2011, people here also say it’s the most beautiful city in the word (a little over the top, but well…) etc.

I love the people the most.They are cool, friendly, straightforward and like to keep their distance. I like that, I’m like that myself most of the time and I feel really good round here. I can understand all the people who complain about the coolness or distance of people here, but well – I like it. If it’s not for you, you should try Spain, Portugal or anything warmer than Germany and especially Hamburg. But I really just have to admit, that I love this distance, I love keeping it myself and I’ve chosen the right city for me 🙂

One more very important thing about Hamburg, that I love, is that most people here love Hamburg – you see Hamburg-Flags literally everywhere, where you could put a flag, people are glad to live here, just like I am too 🙂
Some pics are always good:


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