More new things…

I really don’t know why most of the new things here are really simply silly, but well – at least they are new 🙂

So lately I liked a FB-comment for the first time and it was fun 🙂

I also went to the doctor just for a control exam, so that I’ll have a doctor here after I’ve moved – never done this before.

I didn’t really care about work lately, that’s new on the one hand it feels nice, on the other hand it doesn’t really feels like me.

I’ve been sharing a bit more lately and that feels nice too, but still really unusual and weird, I think I should just really stick with it and it’ll get better.

I’ve been nominated for a blog award (what? me?) and that feels really great! Thank you very much, lovely girl I still don’t know the name of, but I care about anyway.

There may be other things I don’t remember…

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