Versatile Bloggers Award

Award??? Well that’s new here, I think we could even call it a new thing for today 😉

So last week this lovely girl nominated me for the versatile bloggers award and now of course it’s my turn to join the game. You can read the rules here, because you know: no rules, no fun 😀 😉

For the lazy ones under you here is what I and maybe soon you too should do, it you get nominated:

1.  Post linking back to the person who gave you the award.

2.  Share 7 random things about yourself.

3.  Award 15 of your favorite blogs.

4.  Drop them a note and tell them about it.

!!! The Awarded Blogs = My Favorite Versatile Blogs !!!

1. Dr. C. is back to her blog, so glad to see her here again:

2. Nadinka is so versatile, that she must have two blogs:

3. This little sunshine is shining a little bit more lately:

4. The sweetest mother (& daughter):

5. My dear older sister on the web (or at least how I see her):

6. My favorite atheist:

7. My dear Jana, who always remind me to learn, make and think:

8. The green geek girl for my geeky side:

9. The laziest photographer on the web, but still he’s pretty versatile:

10. Krijs is a nice guy and I can relate with him on many levels – one of my favorite really personal blogs on the net:

He has a second blog too:

11. Vrai or Nezzo is like my sweet and really smart little sister on the net, I just want to hug her and watch her grow and develop 😀

12. How could I make a favorite blog list without Eneya, one of the people who got me into blogging:

13. Wanna read something funny, sarcastic and kind of sweet? Check this girl out:

14. This sweet Baby is pretty versatile too:

15. O, come on – you want some too, everybody wants some 😉 :

16. I don’t really know if the nominator is automatically included, but if not – BPD is still me is the journey through life of a young lovely lady with borderline, that deserves a read. Of course – it’s very versatile 😉

So now I’m forced to share 7 random things about myself:

1. I still don’t have a bike, because three bikes of mine were stolen and I’m afraid that it’ll happen again… Of course for now I also don’t really need a bike, so who cares.

2. I can leave only on sweets and corn (last week several people were surprised how much I can talk about corn…)

3. I’m blood type 0- and I should really go donate blood again soon…

4. I’m scared of needles (well, not so much that it’ll stop me from giving blood, but so much that I have to look away as they set the needle and that I could never consider acupuncture an enjoyable procedure)

5. I’m more scared of flying insects, it’s a long story, one June bug started it…

6. Angel is my favorite parfum, it’s simply my sence – I smelled it for the first time when I was 13 and I’ve been loving it since then..

7. Normally I don’t wear make up, I think that I can call myself a really happy person, if I can keep that”habit” for the future too 🙂 Though I love doing my nails 🙂

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11 Responses to “Versatile Bloggers Award”

  1. Eneya Says:

    Aww… that’s so nice of you.

  2. Baby Says:

    Hey, does nominated means you won… or there’ll be a “competition”? 🙂

  3. Baby Says:

    Well, I’ve asked only to know if I should expect more… something like voting or such in order to see who “wins”, but I guess there’s no such stuff, thankfully! 😉 That makes me a winner already! ^^

    • teo Says:

      I understand, but I really don’t know – there still might be more 😀 If not – we could make it 😉

  4. The Lazy Photographer Says:

    Thanks so much for including me in your list, Teo. Very much appreciated.

  5. Помръдващата, многофункционална и многопосочна аз « Жълтурчето Says:

    […] ме да играя на блогърче 🙂 Според Малкото пухкаво и очилато коалче аз съм […]

  6. Svetlina Says:

    Shining even more now 🙂 Thanks for making me learn new words 🙂

  7. Nadinka Says:

    wow, thanks 🙂

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