long time no new thing ;)

You know me, I’m a bad blogger and you are again welcome to spank me (well, it’s not like I wouldn’t like it anyway). At least I still keep the illusion, that I’ll get better some day… Although actually it’s pretty logical that if I’m going to live my life without habits, I’ll always be .. well, just like I am 🙂 Some random ramblings after the break:

It’s just a shame that in today’s society there’s so little tolerance for people without habits and also for people loving and living the chaos.

New thing for some day of the past weeks was, that I’ve ditched a seminar, just because I didn’t like it there. It was a two days seminar, so we did a little “getting to know each other”-round in the beginning. Everybody was supposed to say his country of origin, reason to be in the seminar, one thing he loves and one thing he hates. I was the last one in the round and 5 out of 8 people before me said “I love my girlfriend/pizza/hanging out with my friend and I hate chaos / chaotic people“. The first time I chuckled. But these people were damn serious, they did really hate chaotic people. Well, I am one, so of course I’ve said, that I love chaos. After some uncomfortable silence the seminar started. It just wasn’t really possible for me to work with these guys, so I didn’t show up the other day and I’m learning the stuff myself. Pretty chaotic of course, but it’ll be ok 😉

I’ve also had my first towel day – that was fun 🙂 First time going to the beach here – also pretty fun, although it was almost dark as we got there… First really sucky emotional down since a long time, fortunately I wasn’t alone with it. Then again followed by some emotional ups, which are pretty lasting 🙂 First time going out with my new shoes. First time going to an “All You Can Eat”-thing. I was really curious about it, because it seems to be so popular, so I’ve thought that it couldn’t possible be so bad, as it turned out to be. At least my company was delightful 😉

It has also been my first time getting really pissed off with someone and bitching about him all over the place. I really, really hate that. I hate even more, that I’m doing it, although I hate it. Of course, it’s way not that bad as most people, but still. I can hear my friends in my head “See, not all people are good and you hate someone too, and that doesn’t make you bad, just normal.” Normal, blah…

But well, that’s how it’s been – pretty normal. I believe the “episodes on the bus”-series will have to take a summer vacation, simply because all the crazy people (except for me) are outside and don’t take the bus or the train that much anymore…

6 Responses to “long time no new thing ;)”

  1. Nezzo Says:

    Знаеш ли какво ми хрумна сега! Ще бъдеш hell of a психиатър! Педиатър? Абее… философ! Въпреки, че колкото повече те чета, толкова повече разбирам, че идеята ми за английската кралица и чашата чай и мен нападната от пирати… ъ-ъ. Та ти си пълен хаус, по-голям хаус и от космоса и в същото време запазваш пълно хладнокръвие! Damn!

    You know what came to me now! You will be hell of a shrink! Pediatrician! Oh… philosopher! Although as much as I read you, that much I understand that my idea about the queen of england and the cup of tea, and me attacked by pirates…. You are complete chaos, bigger chaos than the space and in the same time you keep calm! Damn!

    • teo Says:

      You are such a good girl – translating your own comments 🙂 Thank you, dear Nezzo 🙂

      And I’m really, really grateful for that comment – just two days ago I’ve said to my brother something like “maybe I’m having doubts about my professional future, because lately nobody has told me , that I should be a psychologist and that I’ll make a great one” 😀 (which is only logical, since I work only in research lately…)

      And as for the chaos – in my opinion the very definition of a scorpio is, a steady surface, with unimaginable powers boiling under it, like the ocean 🙂 Gemini… I’m sill laughing 😀

  2. Nezzo Says:

    Ами реших, че не искам да ти създавам излишна работа като те карам да ми превеждаш коментарите, винаги ми се е струвало нечестно. Иначе, Тикстър, всеки има съмнения за това дали е достатъчно добър да бъде това, което иска да бъде. Ти недей да се съмняваш 😉 А аз ще съм тук, за да ти напомням!

    Well I decided that I don’t want to make you extra work with making you translate my comments, always seems unfair. Anyways, Tixter, everyone has doubts about that if he is good enough to be that he want to be. No need for you to doubt 😉 How about me… I’ll be here to remind you that!

    • teo Says:

      That’s so nice of you, ..(here’s where you are supposed to come up with a new nick name for yourself too)… 🙂
      I’ll be glad to do the same for you, when you’re ready to tell me what you’ve decided on the issue 🙂

  3. Bain Says:

    …Awesome article!

    …I stopped reading after “you are welcome to spank me”, so I am only writing to ask where the line starts.

    • teo Says:

      😀 it’s up to you(r imagination) – I’m always open to suggestions how to make this blog a better place. For the other kind of spanking – there is no line, the place is always occupied by one lucky person 😉

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