Episodes on the bus are back :) Now with flies! :D

Hey there again 🙂

Now, after the exams are over, I see people singing and making music in the subway again. It’s a great time to be alive 😀

It’s probably a funny perception bias – when I was preparing for the exams, I didn’t met a single subway-musician. Now, almost a week later, every single time I ride the subway even for only two stations, there are people making some kind of music. Also the sun is shining and the flies in my room are not annoying at all. I love these little fellows – they are happy, walking and flying around, don’t caring about anything, just looking for someone to mate with…

With the time we’ve learned to love each other, now they are comfortable walking on my arms and I’m comfortable with it too. I someone don’t want to let them go out in the wildness, they’ve made families and friendships here, outside they’ll be eaten by the super big spider, that’s guarding my window.

Maybe someday we’ll have super many exams and I’ll have the chance to overcome my fear of spiders too. Even now I’m comfortable with the super big spider guarding my window watching me while I’m sleeping.

Yep, I get totally isolated when I have exams to study for. Some people said that they hate that in me – it’s like they’re not that important to me. To that I can only say – well, I don’t see much of you, when you have something important to do, or do I? Of course, some very important exceptions are allowed. That’s why I’ll never have only straight A’s, but that’s exactly the point of it – they are more important things out there. Enjoy the flies! 🙂

PS. I promise to come to my senses soon enough…


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4 Responses to “Episodes on the bus are back :) Now with flies! :D”

  1. Bain Says:

    Ja, but your friends forget – the only one who is important enough to have more attention than them at any time, is you, yourself if you will. Your friends must not be feeling offended if you are using this time on yourself, it must be the other way around – you must be angry at them for nagging on you. But you never will be, you are too much of a nice soul. Still, congratulations on the exams.

    Va bene.

    • teo Says:

      Ow, that’s kind of sweet of you Bain 🙂 I like the new Bain 🙂
      And you are right of course, writing this post was the high point of my anger with my friends 😀

  2. Baby Says:

    True that: “a great time to be alive” it is! 😉
    And “Yep, I get totally isolated when I have exams to study for.” – me, too. 😀
    So, congrats on the exams being over and welcome to the club! 😉 :-Pp

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