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Hello Kitty and a beggar greeting you at the Cologne Cathedral :)

September 3, 2011


The power of anger

September 3, 2011

(just sharing)

Sometimes it goes like that:

Something little and insignificant happens, but for some weird reasons it turns out to be very significant to me. So my blood starts boiling, my thoughts start running around in my head and multiplying themselves. These thoughts are running around like electrons and try to come up with some evil master plan to let the anger-energy out. It feels like a heavy fireball waiting and striving to strike and destroy something, I just have to tell it what and where. It’s so tempting to surrender to that desire. These would be the forth temptation for me, if you remember the temptation-series 🙂 But I don’t have to do it. I can use these energy for constructive activities too. It’s really so much energy, that when I do something useful and good with it, it’s really something. But I have to say that it’s way not so satisfying and sweet as when I use it for destruction. Still, it’s worth is. The feeling afterwards is way better. After the anger is gone, having to look over the destroyed something is really hard for the real me… So stupid me – try to keep the score construction vs. destruction to something : 0, would you?

What about you?