His Story

Yesterday the person next to me in the train was looking like this:

Only that it didn’t look like a costume and that he was carrying a goblet and an old wooden box with him.

So let’s take a minute and do what many people love to do (and especially many psychologist) – let’s imagine what his story could be like. For a light start let’s not do his whole life story, but just the story of how he turned up in a train at 10:30 a.m. the day after Easter in Germany.

I’ll have to start with the assumption, that he was a priest. A Christian priest, not like the ones today, but like the ones you see on the middle age fairs, from the time when Christianity just began to spread. I would also assume, that he was hired to be on the Easter night of some middle age fan club ( 😀 fan club, I really don’t know how this would be called), so that he would sanctify the Easter fire or something. (It’s a tradition in Germany to make big fires on Easter, like this one):

I would also assume, that he stayed for the after party. After a night of talking about how modern society is so ruined, drinking mead and easternlaughter, he realized, that he has to catch the next train, if he wants to make it for his family Eastern brunch on the next morning, that he has totally forgotten. Because he was having such a good time at the Easter fire Party last night, he forgot to request his fee and he had no money to tank his car, because of the super high gas prices in Germany on Easter. Also because of that someone stole the rest of the gas in his tank on Eastern morning, so that he didn’t have enough gas even for the 20km to his home. He also had no money for the train ticket, but he prayed, that no one would check if he has a ticket or not on Easter morning. He had luck and so he made it to the Easter brunch with no money. He had a fight with his wife afterwards, because he didn’t request his fee, even though he sacrifices his whole life to be an old priest and that long white beard is driving her crazy…

What do YOU think, what’s his story?


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