The Story of the Stolen 50 Cent…

Today I’ve stolen 50 cents. How come?:

Today I had to copy something in the library. It was a stupid bureaucratic thing, that angers me every time I have to think about it or do something about it. Anyway, I just had to make 5 copies of it. Today. I didn’t make them at home, because I always forget it and there’s never time for, when I remember it.  In the almost 2 years, that I’ve been studying in Hamburg, I’ve never made myself a copycard, because I’m just that lazy about bureaucratic stuff, that are too laborious in my opinion and that I can actually live without. So I had to make the copies at the library on a copy machine that works with change.

So I went to a copy machine and I’ve discovered, that there are 2€ left in the machine. These machines don’t give change. So if you really have to copy something important right now and you only have a 2€-coin, you have to give the machine the 2€ in order to make one copy for 5 cent. This has happened to me before and of course it has made me very angry in the past.  Because of that I was extraordinary happy, that now I didn’t have to pay for my copies. While I was copying some guy came and stuck around the copy machine. I didn’t like that. I wanted to be alone with my short moment of happiness and my copy machine. But this guy just kept on staying behind me, so that at some moment I’ve accepted that I wouldn’t be left alone.

When I finished with my copies, the guy told me, that I’ve dropped a coin on the floor. This coin was from the coins I’ve been holding in my hand to pay the copy machine and I’ve forgotten about, because I was so happy about the coin, that were already in the machine. So I’ve picked up my coin and thanked him. Then he asked:

“Are these your money in the machine?”.

I was surprised and ashamed, because these weren’t my coins and that’s why I’ve said:

“Yes, there are.” So he said:

“Should I give you 50 cents for it? I have it right here.” and he gave me 50 cents.

I was again too surprised and ashamed so I took the money, said “thanks” and went away. After that I’ve written this on one of the computers in the library, because (of course) I feel guilty about taking the 50 cents, because that’s just the kind of person I am.

So now I want to ask you – how should the story of these 50 cents continue?

Should I give them to a homeless person, drop them on the floor and let someone else have their fun with it, trow them in a wishing well, hide them somewhere, where maybe someone will find them someday, do nothing or do something completely else? Crazy ideas are as welcome as any other ideas, so go ahead 🙂 !


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3 Responses to “The Story of the Stolen 50 Cent…”

  1. astilar Says:

    These are mine 20 + 20 czk that the café machine stole me without deliver a café, because it was out of cups. :)))
    So, there is no place for remords. Just… physics and the rules of it… Nothing gets lost, just transforming :))))
    Гуш! Много ме усмихна 🙂

    • teo Says:

      😀 you made me smile too. If we look at it that way, these are my 50ct. that the candy machine took from me and didn’t gave me any chocolate…

  2. Bain Says:

    You can leave them in the machine, so someone else can use them. Sounds to me like the best idea.

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