Peace or fuck you?

Since I am driving to work now instead of riding the bus for hour and a half, I’ll be sharing some episodes on the road and on the bus with you in the near future. So here is one from today:

I was waiting on a red traffic light on one cross-way today. One other car was coming behind me, as the traffic lights turns green.

peace sign

Instead of waiting for me to start rolling, this other car just went in the opposite direction lane without blinking, so that it wouldn’t have to slow down and slid in front of me. That was pretty annoying and I wanted to give him the bird. Since I stated driving there were a bunch of situations like this, where I wanted to let other drivers know, that they aren’t driving correctly. But I was always to busy with driving as it is, so that I never managed to give someone the finger or flash him the lights, because I just didn’t have enough attentional resources to do it. But today I was just waiting for a traffic light, as he slipped in front of me, so my attention was not that concentrated on the road. So this was my moment, finally I could give someone the finger for behaving badly on the road!!!

And so I did, only to notice, that instead of giving him the finger, my hand was showing the peace sing. Because of the way I am holding the wheel, my other finger was also standing up. So this asshole was getting the peace sing from me. And in that moment it hit me. This was kind of even beer then giving him the finger. Driving is so aggressive anyway. You deal with aggression the whole time and you have to be a bit aggressive too in order to keep up. A peace sing was much more what this and all other aggressive drivers needed.

So if you really want to show it to someone, show him a peace sing for a change 🙂

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