Do we need to make nature more beautiful?

devetashka cave

The devetashka cave

Although I was skeptic at first about photo editing, I got really excited about all the cool things one can do with a few clicks. But after I played around a bit I really started to ask myself, do we really need to make nature more beautiful than she actually is and why?

Fact is that really unrealistic photos are kind of “in” right now, photos that show magical fairy-tail like looking places around the world. I’m also kind of found of such photos, I just can’t help but think: “wow, it’s so beautiful and magical, like another more perfect world”. In this post you see some examples of such photos (via pinterest and evgeni dinev photography).

the wonder bridges

The wonder bridges in the rodopa mountain

river cherni osum

The river cherni osum

Here I picked up three beautiful places in Bulgaria for you, because I have visited all three of them, so I have some idea of how they really look like. These three places are really beautiful and magical in real life too, but not in the way they are on these pictures. Their natural beauty is kind of replaced with some more ideal and painting-like beauty, which is more beautiful, but less touching, moving and emotional…

Doesn’t this remind you of something? To me it sounds like the situation we currently have with beauty and fashion photography, which is still dominated by unreal looking doll-like faces, that don’t really represent the real people behind them. That’s how I feel about these magical landscapes too – they look perfect and beautiful, but they don’t really remind me of these places in the real life, they are like their ideal presence in a parallel universe, that just lacks some soul and heart…

So are we on the way to create unrealistic expectations on nature too? Is a “normal” landscape picture just boring in this overstimulated modern world? Do people actually go to visit places based on such pictures? Do they feel disappointed when they are actually there or do they take this reality-picture differences for just normal and edit up their photos afterwards too, so that the place looks magical again?

How do you feel about it?

PS. Still sometimes I feel that a photo didn’t capture the motive as I’ve seen it and then I just have to “touch up” the picture, e.g.:

Plant on the rocks

Plant on the rocks

Plant on the rocks 2

Plant on the rocks 2

Sunset in Greece captured from a car

Sunset in Greece captured from a car

Sunset in Greece 2

Sunset in Greece 2


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