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Would you steal a million dollars?

October 29, 2013

This was an interesting question I saw on the Blog of the Perspective Collector, one really interesting person 🙂 So it’s simple:

“If you were guaranteed that no-one would ever find out that you stole a million dollars, would you steal it? All you have to do is walk into a room and take it – no robbing a bank or anything. Just like taking a pen from a desk. Don’t bother asking the what if’s or the but that isn’t possible, IT’S HYPOTHETICAL!”

So this is not a moral situation like in the Black Button, where you have to kill someone for the money, this someone possibly being you, someone from your family or just really a randomly chosen ANYONE on earth.

You only have to STEAL the money and it’s even guaranteed that you’ll never have to deal with legal consequences. My only problem with it would be that I wouldn’t know who do I steel that money from. I mean, I would be more than happy to steal a million dollars from the Nestle CEO (even if that could kind of make me look like a bad person for some people), but I wouldn’t want to steal it from people, who really need the money.

The only reason I would want to steal the money anyway is that I think, that with a million dollars one could really make some difference for the many starving people in the world, if one only really really wants. Not only in order to get tax benefits, but because he really wants to help these people. I believe, that the people, who really want to help, don’t have enough money to do it, and those who have the money, don’t really want to help. For me that’s the only explanation why so many people have to starve and die terribly in a world, where other people spend unbelievably lots of money on all the crap that “luxury labels” are producing and where a single person has more money than some countries put together…

So to make it short – I would steal the money, simply because I believe, that I could use it in a way that would help much more people than the stealing would have hurt…

What about you?

Should I…?

October 26, 2013

Often enough I ask myself stuff like “Should I …”, e.g. “Should I stay or should I go?“, “Should I quit my job?” etc. I’m sure you do it too. And every time I can’t help but think to myself: It’s so simple! Every time I’m asking myself such a question, there is only one very simple answer, every single time it’s always the same answer, every freaking time! And it’s only logical… So, to wrap it up for you:

Every time you ask yourself “Should I…” the answer is YES!!!

Yes, of course you should, why else would you ask yourself this question man?!? Apparently you are thinking about it, so you have the desire to change something so you should change it, definitely. The “Should I…”-question is actually an “Do I have the guts to…?”, “Is this the right time to…?”, “What is the best way to…?”, “How exactly do I do… the best?” etc.

So yeah, I should. And when I figure out the other questions, I would 🙂 What about you?

Is this how a feminist looks like too?

October 19, 2013
hello kitty feminist

hello kitty feminist

I am a feminist, simply because I believe that both genders should have equal rights and nobody should be discriminated on grounds of their gender. This is what feminism is actually about, in my opinion. But often I feel like it goes way beyond that.

Sometimes it’s about how you raise your children, how you dress etc. At least that is the feeling I always get from my feminist friends. Some are very tolerant, others not so much. It’s always really good, if your son doesn’t only play with cars and guns, but also with puppets and other “girly stuff”. Really the best is if your little girl loves blue, green or yellow, play with lego, cars and pirates and doesn’t even own a barbie. Little girls who play with puppets and love hello kitty are kind of… not feministic. Exactly like women who take the name of their husband after the marriage, or women who marry at all, or women who stay at home and prefer to be a full-time-mothers and “have it all”, or also women who dress like obviously really sexy (not classy sexy, just sexy) or even worse – girly…

This is kind of wrong, isn’t it? Isn’t feminism about not discriminating girls or boys, regardless if they play with puppets or cars and not about trying to simply switch the gender roles and try to make boys more girly and girls more boyish? Isn’t that leading to just another problem of the same manner, as we are not becoming more tolerant about personal choices, but simply starting to prefer and reward “not traditional” personal choices…

It’s just something that always comes to my mind when talking to some feminist friends… How do you feel about it?

Seven years together – how do you keep it interesting?

October 10, 2013

Today me and my beloved one are celebrating our seventh anniversary 🙂 And we got married this yeas, so there is a lot to celebrate. Often I hear people saying stuff like: “Ow yeah, seven years together, you have to be creative to keep it interesting…” etc. So here is a very simple answer:

It’s so simple. When you’ve found someone you really really love, like unconditionally, like a child – meaning without really knowing why, just feeling this inexplicable joy when looking into his eyes, you don’t need to be creative or something to keep it interesting. You only need one thing to make every moment the most special and precious in the world – you two together!  And then in doesn’t matter if you are at home, in Paris, at the beach or at some super-duper concert, if you’re young or old, dressed up or tired and without make-up – it’s always special and interesting! And the best thing is – it doesn’t get less interesting, you just want more and more of it!

Or at least it’s been like this for me by now and I hope that it will last forever… which may be naive and foolish, but what should I do – people in love tend to foolishness 🙂

I wish you a day full of foolishness! Acting foolish can be so much fun!

yours coping koala

holding hands at the altar photographer:  Draga Saparevska

holding hands at the altar
photographer: Draga Saparevska

PS. that’s why we will probably “celebrate” every month being together or being married, like we did all those years, because we don’t need anything else for this celebration besides the two of us and it’s just an extra occasion to show some random little acts of kindness and love, so why give up on them?

With or without flash?

October 8, 2013

As a passionate hobby-photographer often I ask myself – should I use flash on this photo or not? Mostly I chose not to, because photos without flash look more natural and it is easier to take spontaneous pictures of people without flashing them of course, so that they don’t really notice being photographed… But sometimes it’s really the best to do both, as you see here, one side of the coin often doesn’t show the whole picture 😉

spider with and without flash

spider with and without flash

That’s often the case not only in photography, so keep having perspective(s) 😉

So have you planed something special for the weekend?

October 6, 2013

I really have a problem with this question. Or it’s sister-question “Have you planed something special for tonight?”. I get it all the time or at least I feel like I get it far too often, probably because I hate it so much. So what’s the problem with it?

When people ask about “something special planned”, I imagine:


And people mostly mean something like going out somewhere special, doing something special, more special than just going out for drinks in some random bar with friends or staying at home.

But when I hurry to get home for the weekend or the evening, it’s mostly not because I’ve planned “something special”, but simply because I can’t wait to get home to my loved one and just enjoy some time with him, and hug him, and kiss him, and… which is like the most special thing in the world! Or also that I want to see some friends tonight, just to see them and talk to them, without doing “something special”. For me it’s so weird that people apparently don’t think this is enough to be called “something special” or to be enough for dinner or weekend plans, like it is only special if you have planed something more extensive.

So often I just answer: “Well, nothing like really super “special”, just relaxing at home and meeting some friends”, while I really want to say: “Well yes, the most special thing in the world – spending time with my special one and meeting some really special good friends!”

pancakes on orange plate 22In this manner of speaking – happy Sunday or pancake day!