Should I…?

Often enough I ask myself stuff like “Should I …”, e.g. “Should I stay or should I go?“, “Should I quit my job?” etc. I’m sure you do it too. And every time I can’t help but think to myself: It’s so simple! Every time I’m asking myself such a question, there is only one very simple answer, every single time it’s always the same answer, every freaking time! And it’s only logical… So, to wrap it up for you:

Every time you ask yourself “Should I…” the answer is YES!!!

Yes, of course you should, why else would you ask yourself this question man?!? Apparently you are thinking about it, so you have the desire to change something so you should change it, definitely. The “Should I…”-question is actually an “Do I have the guts to…?”, “Is this the right time to…?”, “What is the best way to…?”, “How exactly do I do… the best?” etc.

So yeah, I should. And when I figure out the other questions, I would 🙂 What about you?


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2 Responses to “Should I…?”

  1. goodexamplebadexample Says:

    So…. should you quit your job or was this just an example?:)
    Nice idea, especially if you want to keep it simple. But I’m wondering if it’s valid for everyone… well, at least is it for me. I ask myself ‘should I’ so frequently that I’m not sure should I go for YES so many times in me freaking life :D. I guess I can try it for one day. .. what would be… :)))) tomorrow will be that YES DAY: ))

    • teo Says:

      I should 🙂 At least for me every time the answer was really YES! But as said, the actual question is not if I should, but how, when etc. So we’ll see 🙂

      I’m really exited to hear about your YES-day and if that is the right strategy for you too, this could be another good or bad example 😉

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