Would you steal a million dollars?

This was an interesting question I saw on the Blog of the Perspective Collector, one really interesting person 🙂 So it’s simple:

“If you were guaranteed that no-one would ever find out that you stole a million dollars, would you steal it? All you have to do is walk into a room and take it – no robbing a bank or anything. Just like taking a pen from a desk. Don’t bother asking the what if’s or the but that isn’t possible, IT’S HYPOTHETICAL!”

So this is not a moral situation like in the Black Button, where you have to kill someone for the money, this someone possibly being you, someone from your family or just really a randomly chosen ANYONE on earth.

You only have to STEAL the money and it’s even guaranteed that you’ll never have to deal with legal consequences. My only problem with it would be that I wouldn’t know who do I steel that money from. I mean, I would be more than happy to steal a million dollars from the Nestle CEO (even if that could kind of make me look like a bad person for some people), but I wouldn’t want to steal it from people, who really need the money.

The only reason I would want to steal the money anyway is that I think, that with a million dollars one could really make some difference for the many starving people in the world, if one only really really wants. Not only in order to get tax benefits, but because he really wants to help these people. I believe, that the people, who really want to help, don’t have enough money to do it, and those who have the money, don’t really want to help. For me that’s the only explanation why so many people have to starve and die terribly in a world, where other people spend unbelievably lots of money on all the crap that “luxury labels” are producing and where a single person has more money than some countries put together…

So to make it short – I would steal the money, simply because I believe, that I could use it in a way that would help much more people than the stealing would have hurt…

What about you?


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3 Responses to “Would you steal a million dollars?”

  1. Eneya Says:

    I wouldn’t steal the money, because I believe that morals shouldn’t be applied only when one is afraid of consequences. I am not moral simply because I am afraid I’d be found out (it plays, I guess) but because stealing is wrong. The idea that there will be no consequences doesn’t change it for me. Weirdly enough, I have a lot more complex issue with the idea of killing someone. The somewhat scary thing is… I would kill… depending on situation and circumstances but I know that I could kill because if one has reached such a situation, there are hardly any real options. Stealing… there are plenty of other ways to raise money if one really needs them so much, that they are considering stealing.

    • teo Says:

      Good point 🙂 I would leave killing out for now, because it’s really a more complex issue and I wouldn’t do it for money. But in selfdefense situation I would actually like to think, that I would do it, instead of letting someone kill me, but I really don’t know…

      As for the stealing: The fact, that there will be no consequences has actually no impact on the moral dilemma for me. It’s only important to know, that you could actually use the money to do something and not end up in jail. It raises the value of the money, because you get a theoretical guarantee to have the possibility to use them.

      The moral dilemma for me is really, where do the money come from? If I am sure, that they are not earned in a very moral way and their missing wouldn’t really hurt their possessor (I mean, of course he wouldn’t be thrilled about it, but so that he’ll still have more than enough to live his live as he was), I really wouldn’t feel that stealing would be wrong in this situation (for me).

      Stealing is of course wrong, but for me this wrongness comes from the fact, that you do harm to the possessor, who needs the money. If you do not do any notable harm to the possessor and the money would be used to reduce the injustice in the world, instead of just for your pleasure, I personally wouldn’t feel that it would be wrong to steal the money. But, e.g. If I find a million dollars on the street, I would bring it to the police, because I wouldn’t know where it comes from and if the person who lost it, doesn’t need it really badly…

      Of course there are many ways to raise money if you really need them, but this theoretical situation is actually not about a situation, where I really need the money. Under the circumstances that the money wouldn’t be really missed and weren’t earned in a very moral way, I would steal the money, even if I don’t really need them. Because, as said, I wouldn’t steal them to make myself richer, but to try to reduce some of the unfairness in the world, so my personal money situation doesn’t really impact my decision.

  2. Perspective Collector Says:

    Hey, thanks for writing about this! Love that someone else got thinking about it.
    And just to clarify, the money isn’t being stolen from any individual who needs it – but from like a bank or something, from all that interest, let’s say.
    So the issue is only about the act of taking what isn’t yours regardless of who it came from.
    I love that you would use if to help others and that’s the only thing on your mind.

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