How to communicate with women ?!?

Help me, please – there is some really weird rumor about how women “communicate” that is making our lives complicated!

I don’t get it – communication with women “is supposed” to be so exhausting and confusing, you just can’t do anything right – just google “how to communicate with women” and you’ll see. I find that supposed “women language” very difficult – are there classes where you can learn it? (unfortunately – yes, even many…) I simply don’t get this “language” and me and my husband have arguments now and then, because I don’t set him all the communication-traps that women “should” do, but he expects me to… Who thought man this kind of crap? I guess they weren’t knowing, that it’ll make everyone’s lives harder…

Wouldn’t it be nice, if everyone would just say what he/ she thinks and thinks what he/ she says. Who needs these “women/ man languages”? What are they good for besides conflicts and waste of time? Do they really exists? Are women really talking like that, just because we are “supposed to”?

So let’s start a rumor about how everyone (man and women!) is “supposed” to just say what they think and think what they say 🙂


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