Let’s play the minimalistic game!

One very good friend of mine send me this link: http://www.theminimalists.com/game/ and suggestes to play this game together. It goes like that:

You have to get rid of one thing you posses on the first day (throw it out, donate, give to someone else, it just have to be out of your place), on the second one two thing, threee thing on the third etc. We agreed to sort this things out and keep them in a box till the end of each month, so that we would 1. have time to reconsider and 2. have to go to the donation station etc. only once a month.

Well, of course this sounded awesome, because I often think that I have too much unnessesary stuff, so we started the game yesterday. In the beginning we have it really easy, because each of us had already sorted somes tuff out to donate/ trash, but they were just lying around in some box waiting for someone to do it. So now at least one a mount we will do it. In the first month we would have to sort out 465 things – let’s see, if we’ll get till there. If it get’s too hard, we could change the rules to one thing every day – it’ll still be better, isn’t it?

I’ll start with some old pants, jeans and shoes (the waffle iron would have to go too soon). What about you?


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One Response to “Let’s play the minimalistic game!”

  1. So how’s the minamilistic game going? | little coping koala Says:

    […] you remember that I’ve wrote about the minimalistic game a while back. Me and a good friend of mine have tried our best at getting rid of useless stuff […]

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