Adults need to play too!

There are lots of research articles about how essential it is for the development of children to play. It is good for the imagination, the social competences, the cognitive abilities … for just about everything. Besides, it is kind of natural, that children need to play, nobody would really have something against it.

But at some weird point children grow up and somehow somebody have convinced everyone, that the difference between children and grown-ups is, that grown- ups don’t play children’s’ games anymore. It’s not like gown ups don’t need to play anymore, because they do no less then children, they are just supposed to play differently. With more expensive toys, with tablets, consols, by some hobby etc. No grown up just play like simply jump up and down or something, you are supposed to go to the gym or to a club to move your body and there are lot’s of rules of how you are supposed to do it, nobody just really goes crazy on the dance floor like when children dance just the way they feel like…
You really don’t need anything to play, only your imagination, so why do we need all this expensive toys, to support the economy?

For my birthday last week we went to an indoor playground on a “over 18 night” and it felt like so amazing to just play around like kids. It makes you feel so free and careless, so beautifully happy, like a kid 🙂 It really gives you the kick, it’s the ultimate drug.

It’s so sad, that most of the adults have to have a drink or something in order to be free enough to be a little bit goofy. That’s stupid, let’s just play!


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