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You are never done getting to know someone…

December 29, 2013

It’s really funny how little noteveryday settings like holydays or playing monopoly can show you sides of a person you’ve never seen before. I’m a fan of bringing people together for a bit too long so that they start showing their real colors. Everyone can be nice and friendly on a party and you can just chat about the weather, but try doing this a couple of days or something. You just can’t. It’s always interesting to get to know the real colors of someone, it’s mostly pleasingly surprising. Sometimes it’s surprisingly bad, but that’s even better. Real friendship begins when you know the bad sides of someone and accept them. In such cases I always wonder what are my bad true colors? But I’m mostly glad that my friends accept them 🙂


Time flyies when you still have a lot to do

December 22, 2013

Lately I often think and hear stuff like “time gows by so quickly”. Then I wonder how come this wasn’t so when we were children. I’ve never heard someone saying “man, time goes by so quickly, all the sudden I’m 5”. I think that this has a simple logical explanation. Adults have so many plans, so many goals and wishes like ‘I want to be married before 30’ etc. Then all the sudden one is 30 but still not married. Then it’s easier to say “time passes by so quickly” than “man, I’m already 30 and I still haven’t done …/ am not …”.

Kids don’t really have this problem, because they don’t plan so far in the future and are more flexible in their plans. If Santa Claus doesn’t bring the yellow bagger, the red car is still fun enough…

When older people are satisfied with what they’ve done so far in their lifes, they are as relaxed about time as children. My gradma often says something like “I’ve lived mylife, have done this and this, that’s good enough, I don’t fear death” and that’s really cool.

But for the “middle age” maybe it’s not bad to have this inner dissatisfaction. We want to do a lot and time passes by quickly, so it’s kind of good that e.g. around new year we make a mental checklist of our goals and wishes and mostly see, that there is still a lot to do. We simply need this pressure to get it done, so that we can be satisfied with us when we are old, like my grandma…

How driving is good for my personal development

December 15, 2013

I am driving regularly since a little less than a year now. At first it was really exhausting and stressful. Mostly because of all the aggression in traffic. Usually I am a very calm and peaceful person and I would tend to drive “patiently”, e.g. I would prefer to wait for this one more car to pass so that I can make my left turn in peace instead of getting fast in front of her… This is very hard to accept for most other drivers. So from my point of view you have two options in traffic – diving more aggressively like everyone else or not giving a f..k about how others feel about your driving style and just drive like you feel comfortable and force others to accept it.

I choice the second option more often and it feels great! It feels great, because it spreads beyond driving as well. Not caring how others feel about you and your actions and just doing what feels right to you is something very import in everyday life. (But  here you have to keep in mind that most people in the modern world care too little about other people and not too much, so this strategy is only good if you care too much…) Since I am training this while driving, I notice that I can apply that attitude in everyday life more easily and often too. I am usually very very bad at asserting myself, because I tend to put the needs and wishes of everybody else at the first place and just let mine die unnoticed. After almost a year of driving this happens a little less often and that’s like awesome! I’m exited how far I would be after a while more…


Listen to your (not only inner!) voice!

December 6, 2013

A while ago I took a voice-seminar. It was really useful and interesting to get to know my voice a bit better and to understand how voice works and how you can manipulate and influence your voice. But the one really impressive piece of information and experience that stuck in my head was that the way you feel about something influence your voice when you are saying.

So if you like mango, you are more likely to say it with your strong, warm and deep voice from your stomatch, but if you don’t like it, your voice will more likely be thin and pitchy. It’s because your voice strings develop their best ressonance when relaxed and that is when you feel fine and relaxed. So if you think/ talk/ do something you don’t like, your voice strings can’t really relax and you can hear the difference, if only are aware of it and pay attention… Try it out! Do you hear a difference?