Listen to your (not only inner!) voice!

A while ago I took a voice-seminar. It was really useful and interesting to get to know my voice a bit better and to understand how voice works and how you can manipulate and influence your voice. But the one really impressive piece of information and experience that stuck in my head was that the way you feel about something influence your voice when you are saying.

So if you like mango, you are more likely to say it with your strong, warm and deep voice from your stomatch, but if you don’t like it, your voice will more likely be thin and pitchy. It’s because your voice strings develop their best ressonance when relaxed and that is when you feel fine and relaxed. So if you think/ talk/ do something you don’t like, your voice strings can’t really relax and you can hear the difference, if only are aware of it and pay attention… Try it out! Do you hear a difference?



2 Responses to “Listen to your (not only inner!) voice!”

  1. astilar Says:

    This one is easy to be manipulated 🙂

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