Ironblogger (Review)

Not that long ago I’ve written about Ironblogger and since then there really was a post every week here. So? There are two important conclusions for me by now:

1. Apparently if I would have to pay 5€ for not blogging in one week, I’ll blog. So this blog still isn’t dead thanks to Ironblogger, that’s kind of nice.

2. Mostly I would blog something I wouldn’t have blogged if I didn’t have this pressure. Since I’m at the Ironbloggers I had only two posts, that I would have blogged anyway. The other ones were done like that “man, it’s already Sunday and I still haven’t blogged anything, let’s see if there is anything in the drafts – no, OK, so let’s just write the first thing that kind of comes to your mind, OK, it may not be like a really interesting post or anything, but you don’t have any time more to do anything good anyway, so just write something”. So I just write something, since I have a smart phone often from my smart phone, e.g. while travelling from one place to another (hence the more spelling errors). And I’m not really sure if like that. Isn’t it better to have less content, but good content? But are the spontaneous posts automatically bad content? The most important question for me and kind of the reason why I’m still at the Ironbloggers is, would there be any posts, if the pressure to post every week wasn’t there? Probably I would often think about something I want to write, but I’ll forget it pretty fast and probably think “You haven’t blog for such a long time, so who cares, why bother?” So for me for now it’s kind of worth it to have this “have to blog this week”-pressure, let’s see for how long. It’s really hard when I’m away or during the holidays, but well – not impossible 🙂 So I’ll stick to it a bit longer and you’ll get posts like this sometimes 😉


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