So how’s the minamilistic game going?

Maybe you remember that I’ve wrote about the minimalistic game a while back. Me and a good friend of mine have tried our best at getting rid of useless stuff since then. Well, I guess she’ve done better than me, but that’s not the point… We are pretty flexible with the rules. It’s like totally impossible to go by the rules, if you do, you’ll have to get rid of 465 things at the end of the first month. And the next day it’ll be 466, then 467, 468, 469… Cudos if you can do that, but I’ll have to go buy new crap all the time to get that amount of stuff to throw away and it’s really like totally crazy. So it’s been two months since we’ve started the game. In the first week we’ve changed the rules to “you have to get rid of 15 things every week“. The first week I’ve put some old bags and shoes away and got the first 15 things. And then it got very quiet… Practically I haven’t done anything for the game untill last week. But last week I’ve used the sunday afternoon to sort out all my cloths (and my husband’s cloths) and got to 110 things at one. All of them went to the clothes recycling skip. But time flies and now I’m already behind the plan again, as I should have sorted out other useless things this week.

So the cleaning up is far away from over, how about you?

PS. the waffle iron is also rot living with me anymore 😉


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