We are all made of stars…

supernova (1)

supernova (1)

That’s not only a very good song from Moby, it’s kind of true – we are all made of star dust. Not only we, everything out there. That’s kind of really nice – it’s the circle of life in big. Someday our sun will explode and make star dust for other lifeforms someday…

supernova (2)

supernova (2)

However, there’s one thing that’s kind of scary. In one documentary I saw recently it was shown that there are less and less stars out there and that someday the last start will die and the universe will be simply dark. Only darkness, no stars, no star dust, no life… That’s sad. For me it’s easier to deal with death etc. when I can imagine that everything has it’s place in the circle of life and one life may go, but another life starts somewhere out there. But someday everything will be over…

So for me there are to mental options to deal with this.

1. So what – may be that’s the point. When a person dies, it’s also simply over, dark, the end – why should it be otherwise for the universe, may be the universe is just like a person, in very very big. She grows old and someday she dies and it’s simply over. So let’s just be happy, that we were there at some point 🙂

2. After the darkness, after a while, at some random point there will be another Big Bang and everything starts again from the beginning and so on – there is no begin and no end, it’s simply a circle and it goes on and on…

Which one would you choose?

supernova (3)


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