Love at first sight – the “simple” love?

love smileSometimes your eyes meet the eyes of someone else and you just know – this is it,  THE LOVE! You can’t take your eyes off and if you’re lucky, it’ll last for a long time. This is the kind of love I believe to have with my husband.

What I find most fascinating about this love is, that It’s a very simple kind of love. In this post it’s suggested that there are three kinds of love: “I love you because”, “I love you if” and “I love you in spite of”.  So I thought about our love and it’s none of these three, it’s just a simple “I love you”. In case of  doubt it’s a “I don’t know why, but I know that I love you. I don’t need a reason to love you, I just need to look into your eyes and I know that I love you”. This is how love at first sight works for me, from the first day on.

I believe that it is way different when you first build a friendship with someone and learn to love each other step by step. This would be a very mature love from my point of view. Love at first sight is  very irrational.

The tricky part is, that it can be over like it started. It’s all about the spark in the eyes when you look at each other. And this spark can as well just disappear someday, you never know… If you are lucky, it’ll never happen. The eyes don’t really change with the age, so it really can last forever. But the same eyes may lose this special spark, then they’ll be just another normal unexciting pair of eyes… Still you have one other lucky option. You can develop one of the other kinds of love in the meantime and end up not having this simple love anymore, but a more mature kind of love, which is at least as good 🙂

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