Little genius things

apple slicer

It’s amazing how little simple things can be so brilliant. For example an apple slicer, it’s genius! It increases the apple intake by 50% according to my personal experience 🙂

You may think – well, this is like really old, it’s been out there forever, why talk about it now? Well, I just discovered it two weeks ago. I was visiting friends, saw it in action and was like totally amazed 😮 It’s like – you get perfectly shaped apple slices with only one hand grip, that’s amazing! It’s also good for your apple intake, because you can easily share an apple with other people, so the apple wouldn’t get wasted for sure. It’s these little genius things that give me hope in humanity.

What makes me doubt in humanity is, that this little piece of genius only costs 1€ in every 1€-shop. Why do we need 1€-shops anywhere? So that people would buy useless things only because they only costs 1€? Otherwise, a genius thing like an apple slicer could be useless for someone else…

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