If you don’t want to be betrayed, just don’t trust anyone

Like slideworld said in a comment here, if you don’t want to worry about something don’t share it at all. For me that sounds just like if you don’t want to be betrayed, just don’t trust anyone or if you don’t want to have your heart broken, don’t give it to anyone. And all of that is perfectly logical, but logical doesn’t always mean practical or desirable. What we all really desire is not to live in full security by living trusting only ourselves, but to have someone else, who we really trust. Just like you’ll never look back and think “man, good for me that I’ve never ever trusted anyone and I haven’t have my heart broken by now”, but more likely you’ll think “man, I’ve been heartbroken a couple of times and that really sucked, but now I’m happy with my beloved one”.

That’s all not really new, but what is changing is the environment. It’s easier to share something online and once something is out, you can never get it back, so you should be even more careful online. It’s like on the one hand, the internet is giving us the opportunity to communicate more, regardless of the place and time where we are and is making e.g. long-distance relationships easier, but on the other hand the same thing that’s making all this possible, is bringing more and more suspect and doubt in our relationships… It’s like alcohol – it doesn’t really taste good, you first have to get used to it, for some period it makes you feel really good, makes it easier for you to build relationships and have fun, but if you take too much of it, it could make everything go wrong, so the most important thing about alcohol/ internet is to use it with caution 😉

3 Responses to “If you don’t want to be betrayed, just don’t trust anyone”

  1. slideworld Says:

    I think you little miss understand me dear koala :).
    To love is very beautiful thing but sharing naked photos or home sex videos is a real risk to you just if you see in internet is full with them. You never now how they appear but they appear. It must be by some physical law… Who cares :).
    But please consider my interest about the photos :).
    See ya.

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