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This is so boring I could kill myself ?!?

May 10, 2014

Have you ever said something like that, like anything with “kill myself”? I guess you have because I’ve heard and said it a lot. And I’ve never thought deeper about it, for me it’s just like any other expression out there, I would never think that saying something like that can really make someone think about actually someone killing himself. But yet again – I never tried to kill myself or have a close one killing himself. In this very interesting post Mollie shares her experiences with such phrases reminding her of how her father killed himself and how hard it is, that it’s totally socially acceptable that expressions with “killing oneself” are simply part of our everyday life.

I guess raising awareness about it is the first step to changing it. Not so long ago sexist and racist expressions were just as OK as the suicide-phrases now, because nobody thought that someone is getting hurt by them… So just think about it – every time you say something about “killing yourself” people could get flashbacks and be sadly reminded of a deep trauma they carry.

You could get a bit creative there, like try to find the next hot phrase out there “this is so boring, I could start doing yoga” … ?