We are here to transform energy

Hello again 🙂

I want to share with you this video that really made me think differently about life, at least for some moments. The video essentially states, that organic life is simply a more efficient way of absorbing and releasing energy. And since absorbing and releasing energy is essential to keeping the universe in order, that’s what life does. That’s all. It just keeps the universe together by absorbing and releasing energy somehow better than inorganic stuff.

So if that does not impress you, I don’t blame you. I find it weirdly calming. I see it like that – if you have a bad day and everything sucks for some reason, you can think to yourself – well hey, I’m absorbing and releasing energy, keeping the universe together, that’s basically all I was supposed to do, everything else is just made up ephemeral shit that doesn’t really matter, so I’ll just keep calm, absorb and release energy and do my deed to the universe. It’s that a sweet deal? For me it is and helps me go more easily through life. So I’ll just leave you here with this thought – you can enjoy it or not, doesn’t really matter – you still absorb and release energy 🙂


PS. yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but again – this is my little peace of the internet and I’ll be posting just as I feel like it. Here I want to thank Chase again for the great comments, that motivated me to post again 🙂

2 Responses to “We are here to transform energy”

  1. chase012 Says:

    I like this! 🙂 When I think of energy I think of when that special person walks in to a room and your heart skips a beat and then they see you and they look you in the eyes and in an instant all the worlds problems seem to dissolve in their eyes. Where do these feelings come from and the energy that person carries that produces such a euphoric state, is it something that can be shared with anyone? I serve tables at a restaurant for a living, currently. I try to read the energy level of my tables and exude my own energy to perhaps lift their spirits if they are feeling down. Sometimes people from my tables lift my spirit by leaving sweet notes and being kind and showering me with smiles. The same can be said about negative energy. I try to avoid it. Negative people often cancel me out leaving both of us feeling a little “blah”, neutral. I’m glad you are writing again! Your writing is a very positive energy in my life. Thank you, Teo!

  2. teo Says:

    Thank you for that point of view, it’s really interesting. When I think about energy and that theory I actually never thought about that kind of personal energy, but more like simply heat, moving particles energy that is really absolutely random and if you want “soulless”, just molecules moving around sometimes faster sometimes not as fast… But I like the “human” touch you gave to the theory 🙂

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