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Seven years together – how do you keep it interesting?

October 10, 2013

Today me and my beloved one are celebrating our seventh anniversary 🙂 And we got married this yeas, so there is a lot to celebrate. Often I hear people saying stuff like: “Ow yeah, seven years together, you have to be creative to keep it interesting…” etc. So here is a very simple answer:

It’s so simple. When you’ve found someone you really really love, like unconditionally, like a child – meaning without really knowing why, just feeling this inexplicable joy when looking into his eyes, you don’t need to be creative or something to keep it interesting. You only need one thing to make every moment the most special and precious in the world – you two together!  And then in doesn’t matter if you are at home, in Paris, at the beach or at some super-duper concert, if you’re young or old, dressed up or tired and without make-up – it’s always special and interesting! And the best thing is – it doesn’t get less interesting, you just want more and more of it!

Or at least it’s been like this for me by now and I hope that it will last forever… which may be naive and foolish, but what should I do – people in love tend to foolishness 🙂

I wish you a day full of foolishness! Acting foolish can be so much fun!

yours coping koala

holding hands at the altar photographer:  Draga Saparevska

holding hands at the altar
photographer: Draga Saparevska

PS. that’s why we will probably “celebrate” every month being together or being married, like we did all those years, because we don’t need anything else for this celebration besides the two of us and it’s just an extra occasion to show some random little acts of kindness and love, so why give up on them?

So have you planed something special for the weekend?

October 6, 2013

I really have a problem with this question. Or it’s sister-question “Have you planed something special for tonight?”. I get it all the time or at least I feel like I get it far too often, probably because I hate it so much. So what’s the problem with it?

When people ask about “something special planned”, I imagine:


And people mostly mean something like going out somewhere special, doing something special, more special than just going out for drinks in some random bar with friends or staying at home.

But when I hurry to get home for the weekend or the evening, it’s mostly not because I’ve planned “something special”, but simply because I can’t wait to get home to my loved one and just enjoy some time with him, and hug him, and kiss him, and… which is like the most special thing in the world! Or also that I want to see some friends tonight, just to see them and talk to them, without doing “something special”. For me it’s so weird that people apparently don’t think this is enough to be called “something special” or to be enough for dinner or weekend plans, like it is only special if you have planed something more extensive.

So often I just answer: “Well, nothing like really super “special”, just relaxing at home and meeting some friends”, while I really want to say: “Well yes, the most special thing in the world – spending time with my special one and meeting some really special good friends!”

pancakes on orange plate 22In this manner of speaking – happy Sunday or pancake day!

Is it all about sex?

January 19, 2011

Sex sells, sex can be an universal motivator and reward, a weapon, a trade good etc.

But lately I’m getting the feeling that sex is really not that kind of a big deal nowadays. It’s everywhere. You can get some anytime. If not – just one click away it’s an endless variety of visual stimulus for every fantasy. This over supply dulls our perception of sexual stimuli. A bare ass/tits today is not what a bare ass/tits were 10/20/50 years ago.

I don’t want to talk about this simple perception though. I get the feeling that  the sex drive today is simply not that important for our social lives (because it’s mostly satisfied), but the need for love and affiliation. I mean: I don’t see people talking to me, because they want to have sex, but simply to have someone to talk to; I don’t see people being on Facebook, because they want to have sex with some of their 500 friends, but because they want the feeling of being accepted, liked and belonging to. (before, life e.g. 5-10 years back I was seeing people doing a lot of thing just so that they can get to having sex).

It’s like sex is also not the ultimate frontier to intimacy anymore. On every party I go there are some girls that start making out or showing some flesh, but talking about e.g. religion is like soooo personal, sometimes I don’t really get the world today…

How do you see the situation today? I could also be seeing simply my need for love and affiliation projected in the behavior of others.

Good thing done today :)

April 23, 2010

Today I’ve lent a T-shirt to a girl in my gym that I don’t know and she was soo happy 🙂 She was just searching her bag for a T-shirt and couldn’t find one, I’ve got a spare T-shirt, so I’ve said “Hey, wanna have my spare T-shirt?”. She was so surprised and happy, I’ve never seen her before and she was obviously really bumped by me wanting to help her out…

I love it when people get so exited and happy about little kind gestures. Otherwise it gets me thinking, are kind gestures that rare, so that people are so happy when they see one???

About… HATE

March 24, 2010

OMG, hate… Hate is such a useless feeling, not constructive in any way and just pointless (I’m talking about “regular” hate, not hate in case of war, killing, death etc.). And still, when somebody does something really bad and mean, really, really bad to you, what would you do? Hate him?

What’s the point? What would your hate change? Would you feel better? Would the hated person regrets what he has done?


Faith ?

March 17, 2010

Shortly I was told, that I’m naive and childish and that I need to grow up.


Because I’ve said that I believe in the good in people, also that people can change, that they can love each other, despite mistakes or differences, and that no one needs to hate someone, because hate is not a natural component of peoples relationships.


Good thing to do (done) today ;)

December 17, 2009

Sometimes good things just come to you 😉

Today one really old lady (later she told me that she’s 95 (wow!) 🙂 asked me to help her to run the depositmachine for plastic bottles- I showed and explained her and she was sooo happy, WOW 😉

It was just amazing, so little, but so great! Just because she was so happy, that someone helps her and talks to her like a normal and fullfunctional person and not someone, who just waits for the death…

Great- look after old people, they’re amazing 😉

Love revolution- how to do it? (1)

December 1, 2009

Let’s say you’ve heard of the love revolution and you find it great, but you don’t really know what to do? I think it’ll be helpful if i give you some tangible ideas of how to do it. I can’t really tell you anything else but just the things i do and i consider relevant to the topic.


Love revolution

November 10, 2009

We all know about the sexual revolution- it really changed some things. So it’s not impossible to direct the society in a way that people will be happier.  But what do we need today, that will improve our society. What does our society lacks in?

die milos :)

I think that is love*. The most people today lack in love. How come? I don’t really know, but I think it has something to do with too much sex and too much money.