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Seven years together – how do you keep it interesting?

October 10, 2013

Today me and my beloved one are celebrating our seventh anniversary 🙂 And we got married this yeas, so there is a lot to celebrate. Often I hear people saying stuff like: “Ow yeah, seven years together, you have to be creative to keep it interesting…” etc. So here is a very simple answer:

It’s so simple. When you’ve found someone you really really love, like unconditionally, like a child – meaning without really knowing why, just feeling this inexplicable joy when looking into his eyes, you don’t need to be creative or something to keep it interesting. You only need one thing to make every moment the most special and precious in the world – you two together!  And then in doesn’t matter if you are at home, in Paris, at the beach or at some super-duper concert, if you’re young or old, dressed up or tired and without make-up – it’s always special and interesting! And the best thing is – it doesn’t get less interesting, you just want more and more of it!

Or at least it’s been like this for me by now and I hope that it will last forever… which may be naive and foolish, but what should I do – people in love tend to foolishness 🙂

I wish you a day full of foolishness! Acting foolish can be so much fun!

yours coping koala

holding hands at the altar photographer:  Draga Saparevska

holding hands at the altar
photographer: Draga Saparevska

PS. that’s why we will probably “celebrate” every month being together or being married, like we did all those years, because we don’t need anything else for this celebration besides the two of us and it’s just an extra occasion to show some random little acts of kindness and love, so why give up on them?

Slap Me – I’m a Bad Blogger

August 18, 2010

Nezzo has asked us to write about why are we bad bloggers (and what are we going to do about it), if we think that we are, and I think I am, so here is why:

1. My Blog is becoming more and more personal, like a thoughts-diary, what I actually never intended (but needed apparently, after all I’m making it), so I intent to make 2 projects (more on that soon) separate from that apparently personal blog 🙂

2. My English is improving, but there’s still a lot to do about it, e.g. I’m still very shy about commenting on some good English blogs because of my language and I would like to finally get over that.

3. Somehow there’s a lot more photography here than psychology, it shouldn’t really be that way.

4. Lately I publish a lot of pointless posts, that’s not really good, I should stop it.

5. I’m pretty irregular with my blogging – a day with three posts, then a week with none… ? That’s not pretty, but actually since that will be my personal blog I can do it. Still I would like to stop it, I should get cleverer with the use of drafts 🙂

6. I’m not getting any “social media” like twitter, topbloglog, blogcatalog or stuff like it… A good blogger should get along with that crap.

7. I’m not communicating as much as I actually wanted and intended with bloggers that I like…

So now I’ll go work on these points. If you think that you’re a bad blogger too, take the badge and tell us why 🙂

ps. Nezzo has showed me an option to become a little better blogger, so I’m joining Bloggers Unite too 🙂

and a little slap-song:


I can’t imagine a better kid!

August 11, 2010

I love Wednesday afternoons, that’s when I meet the happiest mother I know and the cutest little man.

I was never a kid person and I’m still not, kind of like Robin from HIMYM in that aspect (except when a very good photographer just kind of happen to make awesome baby photos), e.g. I still have never held a baby, anyway – not a kid person.


Love, Brainwash, Light…

August 11, 2010

For about a month I’ve been thinking to myself that love is brainwash and I’ve been trying to falsify or verify this suggestion, but with no success. So I want to put order in my thoughts and see what will come up:

Basically for me stumbling over love changed everything. It was not exactly a change of what there was, but a major extension, an upgrade of the world as I knew it. And that upgraded world was really great, lovely,  addictive, absorbing, infatuating etc. All perfect. I was insanely happy there and this happiness turned my value system and goals upside down (the brainwash).


O Yeah!

August 6, 2010

It’s official now, I’m a BSc-Psychologist! *dancing* *dancing jumpstyle* *more dancing*

So now I have only min. 2 years to Master (keep your fingers crossed for me to get accepted here or in Konstanz), then only min. 3 years of education in psychotherapy and I’m there! (if I don’t decide to make a PhD too and/or an academic career). O well, enough dancing for a BSc I guess…

But still, the awesome thing about it is, that I’ve made it on my own, I’ve been working stupid jobs the whole time, that always have come first instead of my study and I’m still on time with the BSc and my grades are not that bad, not that bad at all (I guess).  I should be going back to work now 🙂

FMTWG’s Summer 2010 Mix-CD

July 31, 2010

Last year I couldn’t find enough nice songs to fill a “Summer 2009” CD, so let’s see if the music industry have done it better this year 🙂 Presenting “FMTWG’s Summer 2010” CD:

Laserkraft 3D – Nein Mann”

That’s one of my discoveries this year – thеsе guys rock. Even the video is awesome! I know that it’s not a music for everyone, but it’ll get you, you’ll see, or not, still it’s the ultimate late party track to me 🙂


Good News

July 27, 2010

So yesterday the secretary of my professor (“my” professor? he’s not like my personal professor, but my tutor or something, you know) send me an e-mail, that he has good news for me and I should contact him.


Music Tolerance?

July 21, 2010

I consider myself open-minded and not judgmental, but that happens to me all the time:

I’m at a party and I’m talking to someone, we get along, then a song is being played, that he/she doesn’t like and it goes like that:

He/She: “OMG, that crap again, I can’t understand how some people can call that music.”



July 10, 2010

I’ve just realized that today: for me acceptance is just a pretty word for “I declare myself for defeated”.

If I accept the things, like they are, I admit that I’m not capable or don’t want to change them… And that’s just wrong, I think.

A lot of people say to me at one point or another: “You’ll see when you grow up, that’s just the rebellion of the youth, it’ll go away…” (is it a disease, or a mental disorder?) or “Once I was also young and stupid like you, but someday you’ll see that it’s senseless and you’ll grow up”.

So let me translate that (to myself): “Growing up means giving up, if you want to be part of our “normal grown-up club” you’ll have to give up and call that “grown-up”.

Well, no thanks, grown-ups, your club sucks big time! I’ll have to accept my absence of acceptance (is that some kind of paradox now or what?) and do the best of it :).


Unwanted Thoughts/Feelings?

July 9, 2010

Do you know what I mean? Sometimes some thoughts/feeling are coming into your head/heart, but you don’t really like them and/or you think that they’re “not yours”, but they keep coming again and again to bother you…

I have things like that all the time. Especially in dreams (dreams are some kind of thoughts and feelings in my opinion). I’ve thought, that they’re “not mine” and I should push them out of my mind/heart, but the opposite, of course they’re mine, I just think, that I don’t want them.

But the thing is, that I actually do. Nobody can put thoughts/feelings in my head/heart, of course they’re mine and I (should) want and deal with them, simply because there’s a reason for them to be there!

I know I’m not telling you something really new, smart or something, but I needed to write it out, 10x blogotherapy 🙂