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Bye bye winter :)

March 9, 2014

The winter is going home, so let’s say a nice goodbye with these pics:

winter plant 1

winter plant 2

winter plant 3

winter plant 4

winter plant 5

It’a a new year and the photo-editing fun is just starting!

January 5, 2014

Hey there, happy new year all!

I’m just so enthusiastic about photo-filter and all the editing software that is now available to all of us for absolutely free via smartphones etc. I’m even starting to love google, although it’s really bad, because it let’s me do fun stuff like adding structure to photos. That’s really cool, take a look:

Hamburg's Townhall

Hamburg’s Town hall

One month ago I was thinking “filter and instagram – it really just makes all pictures look the same – a bit old and instagramy”. Well, may be it does, but some pictures really look better in their instagramy outfit. At least I think so now. Let’s check on it again in a couple of months, till then – just have fun 🙂

Still – I can’t get used to taking pictures with my phone. It’s kind of disrespectful and the quality is really not that good (this depends on your phone of course). The two pictures below are taken with a smartphone. I would think that without the filter-editing they really wouldn’t be worth showing. Or maybe with the filter all pictures really do look the same and we are loosing our sense and respect for reality the same way we do when it comes to the beauty of a women and publishing unedited model pictures in magazines…

But where do editing starts? Is fixing your “basics” like brightness, contrast, white balance etc. already changing the reality and making it more “prettier” or is this more like fixing the picture more like the way you actually saw it with your eyes… ??? I really don’t know, but I’m sure that we’ll see in the near future 🙂

Hotel George V in Paris

Hotel George V in Paris

french breakfast

french breakfast

How driving is good for my personal development

December 15, 2013

I am driving regularly since a little less than a year now. At first it was really exhausting and stressful. Mostly because of all the aggression in traffic. Usually I am a very calm and peaceful person and I would tend to drive “patiently”, e.g. I would prefer to wait for this one more car to pass so that I can make my left turn in peace instead of getting fast in front of her… This is very hard to accept for most other drivers. So from my point of view you have two options in traffic – diving more aggressively like everyone else or not giving a f..k about how others feel about your driving style and just drive like you feel comfortable and force others to accept it.

I choice the second option more often and it feels great! It feels great, because it spreads beyond driving as well. Not caring how others feel about you and your actions and just doing what feels right to you is something very import in everyday life. (But  here you have to keep in mind that most people in the modern world care too little about other people and not too much, so this strategy is only good if you care too much…) Since I am training this while driving, I notice that I can apply that attitude in everyday life more easily and often too. I am usually very very bad at asserting myself, because I tend to put the needs and wishes of everybody else at the first place and just let mine die unnoticed. After almost a year of driving this happens a little less often and that’s like awesome! I’m exited how far I would be after a while more…


With or without flash?

October 8, 2013

As a passionate hobby-photographer often I ask myself – should I use flash on this photo or not? Mostly I chose not to, because photos without flash look more natural and it is easier to take spontaneous pictures of people without flashing them of course, so that they don’t really notice being photographed… But sometimes it’s really the best to do both, as you see here, one side of the coin often doesn’t show the whole picture 😉

spider with and without flash

spider with and without flash

That’s often the case not only in photography, so keep having perspective(s) 😉

Do we need to make nature more beautiful?

September 23, 2013
devetashka cave

The devetashka cave

Although I was skeptic at first about photo editing, I got really excited about all the cool things one can do with a few clicks. But after I played around a bit I really started to ask myself, do we really need to make nature more beautiful than she actually is and why?

Fact is that really unrealistic photos are kind of “in” right now, photos that show magical fairy-tail like looking places around the world. I’m also kind of found of such photos, I just can’t help but think: “wow, it’s so beautiful and magical, like another more perfect world”. In this post you see some examples of such photos (via pinterest and evgeni dinev photography).

the wonder bridges

The wonder bridges in the rodopa mountain

river cherni osum

The river cherni osum

Here I picked up three beautiful places in Bulgaria for you, because I have visited all three of them, so I have some idea of how they really look like. These three places are really beautiful and magical in real life too, but not in the way they are on these pictures. Their natural beauty is kind of replaced with some more ideal and painting-like beauty, which is more beautiful, but less touching, moving and emotional…

Doesn’t this remind you of something? To me it sounds like the situation we currently have with beauty and fashion photography, which is still dominated by unreal looking doll-like faces, that don’t really represent the real people behind them. That’s how I feel about these magical landscapes too – they look perfect and beautiful, but they don’t really remind me of these places in the real life, they are like their ideal presence in a parallel universe, that just lacks some soul and heart…

So are we on the way to create unrealistic expectations on nature too? Is a “normal” landscape picture just boring in this overstimulated modern world? Do people actually go to visit places based on such pictures? Do they feel disappointed when they are actually there or do they take this reality-picture differences for just normal and edit up their photos afterwards too, so that the place looks magical again?

How do you feel about it?


Photo editing gone wild :)

December 1, 2012

Hey there,

as you know I have a new camera. With the new camera I’ve also got new photo editing software. So there was a lot of playing around with pictures in the past days and here are some pieces for you 🙂

winter flowers 22


Long time no see…

November 25, 2012

Hello there,

how have you been? I’m fine. Turned 25 this week, finished my master study of psychology and got a job starting on 01.12… More importantly – I’ve got a new camera for my birthday and it makes awesome photos. Take a look!!! I still have to learn how to use it right, but I’m definitely motivated and will do so soon. Also my little Sunshine gave me an blog-award and I’ll be answering her questions as soon as possible 🙂



Let’s start photo-editing!

August 5, 2012

As you may remember I’m not a friend of photo-editing, or at least I wasn’t. But as Ashwin has already shown me and as I could discover myself thanks to this photo, photo-editing may not be a bad idea after all. If you use it to underline your motive and not to change it, it may work good. You’ll find the original picture after the break. What do you think – to photo edit or not?



Blue Balloon Dog in the City

November 13, 2011

Yeah, I can take pictures of whatever I want:



Hello Kitty and a beggar greeting you at the Cologne Cathedral :)

September 3, 2011