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Random Impressions

October 2, 2010

Lately I wanted to write so many posts but I never come to doing it, so here I’ll trow some random impressions from the trips lately (Bulgaria 2010, Bremen, the Congress):

Bulgaria 2010:

This year for the first time I wasn’t saying to myself “vacation in Bulgaria – never again!” It was really nice, I don’t know why I wasn’t bothered by the things that do usually bother me in Bulgaria, they were still there, just didn’t bother me, it was very nice 🙂

Something that left a really good impression in me was, that I didn’t see a single beggar, it was full with street-musicians or street-artist, but no people, who simply ask for money, this was simply amazing (maybe I was just somehow extremely lucky).


So how is the congress going?

September 28, 2010


My presentation is tomorrow, I hope that the statement above will apply to it too 🙂

It’s really interesting, it fits good in this period of change that I am right now, it shows me new directions and ideas, it’s also really, really exhausting…

So I’ll keep it short and not really informative, but you’ll get a decent update after it’s over 🙂

PS. What congress? This one 🙂 (remember this and this)