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Pre-birthday Depression 2.0

November 20, 2010

So, the 22.11 is coming around the corner and with it of course – my annual pre-birthday depression too. Since this year I don’t have the requirements (space, money, time) for applying the number one way of fighting a pre-birthday depression, I’m so glad that I find another way to feel better about myself right before my birthday.


Just Hope For The Best or Worst Case Scenario ?

August 3, 2010

No matter what kind of problem comes up in my life, I always try to have a plan for the “worst case scenario” in mind. For everything. If I don’t have it, I’m just unsettled.

So if someone else, that I kind of care about, has a (big) problem, what do I do? I come up with (in my opinion) the best way of coping with the worst case scenario, so that even the worst case doesn’t seem so bad and unmanageable. After that I feel free to think of everything else, to hope for the best, there’s no fear of the “But what if it isn’t going to be alright?” anymore. Now I have an answer to that question and a better one than “It will be, you’ll see.” And what did I hear in the last situations like that?


About… Death

May 3, 2010

Death is natural. I know that. But it’s still weird to deal with it. An old friend of mine died this week. He was only 24. We’ve pretty much lost contact in the last years and therefore we weren’t that close anymore, but why should that means, that I shouldn’t be sad about his death?