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Should I…?

October 26, 2013

Often enough I ask myself stuff like “Should I …”, e.g. “Should I stay or should I go?“, “Should I quit my job?” etc. I’m sure you do it too. And every time I can’t help but think to myself: It’s so simple! Every time I’m asking myself such a question, there is only one very simple answer, every single time it’s always the same answer, every freaking time! And it’s only logical… So, to wrap it up for you:

Every time you ask yourself “Should I…” the answer is YES!!!

Yes, of course you should, why else would you ask yourself this question man?!? Apparently you are thinking about it, so you have the desire to change something so you should change it, definitely. The “Should I…”-question is actually an “Do I have the guts to…?”, “Is this the right time to…?”, “What is the best way to…?”, “How exactly do I do… the best?” etc.

So yeah, I should. And when I figure out the other questions, I would 🙂 What about you?

How good do I know myself without knowing it?

December 9, 2010

At one seminar not that long ago we were talking about how “our mind” knows what we want way sooner than we do and our brain has to come up with ways to tell us what “our mind” has been knowing the whole time. All the stupid or not that stupid things we do when we try to make a decision are more or less useless, all we need is a connection to or channel for our minds wishes.

Lately I just find myself in situations that remind me of this: the book, that has been lying around for 3 years, but I pick it up for a read in the right moment, when all what’s in there is about me; “irrational” decisions that are actually good for me, without me knowing exactly why; simply wanting or doing something without knowing why, but feeling that it’s the best for me…

Isn’t it kind of relieving that there’s a right decision – simply the one closer to our inner us? Our intuition, mind, soul, heart – it doesn’t matter how you call it, but it’s mostly good for you.

Why mostly? Because the big concern is, that this thing is taking away our free will, that free will can’t really exist, considering that it’s only an expression of the decisions that something inside us had already taken without our conscious considerations and contribution.

So what? Is free will better? The pure mind, rational thinking etc.

Shouldn’t we be trying to get more in touch with our intuition than thinking more rational?

How good do you know yourself without knowing it?


May 4, 2010

That’s what I’m doing right now, ping-ponging. Actually the word that Leo tells me is the best for what I want to say is to oscillate, but somehow I think that ping-ponging is better. It’s faster, more omnidirectional and more influenceable. And that’s exactly what I feel like.

Ping- I love him and that’s all that matters

Pong- there’s no point in being together

Ping- he’s The One

Pong- he’s an idiot

Ping- but that incredible, inexplicable feeling when meeting his eyes for the first time across the room, that must be love, and it lasted for more than 3,5 years, that’s amazing and we should hold on to it