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My Dream(s)?

September 13, 2010

So, so – Nezzo wants to know what I dream about/what’s my dream?

That’s kind of a weird coincidence, because while I was in Bulgaria, having dinner with my parents and some friends we were talking about a similar topic. As you know I’ve got my BSc this year and my mother said something like “The first step to achieving her dream is done, remember how we never took her seriously when she began talking about becoming a psychologist and how we didn’t want her to study it?” (I knew I want to be a psychologist since I was 11, at that time my parents didn’t knew anything about it and thought that it’s not a prospective profession).

That got me thinking – is that still my dream? Like dream dream? It seems just so trivial now, I even had doubts about it as my dream profession, now I feel it more like – “ok, that’s what I want to be in professional aspect”, but my dream???